Electric Retractable Roof

Electric Retractable Roof

A retractable roof provides protection from harmful weather conditions. It guards furniture, fittings and fabrics against the damaging effects of sun, wind and rain, extending their quality and appearance for longer.

Unlike traditional skylights, this innovative solution can be retracted or extended at the touch of a button. This allows for year-round use, boosting restaurants’ revenue and customer satisfaction.

Easy to Operate

A retractable roof is a sophisticated system that can be opened up to let in the sunshine on beautiful weather days and closed down during bad weather days, all at the push of a button. This provides the ultimate in flexibility for creating optimum conditions for activities.

Retractable roofs are also energy efficient. The insulated cladding and frame of the roof protect against heat, Electric retractable roof reducing the load on air conditioning systems in hot weather. This reduces power consumption and energy costs, as well as carbon emissions.

In addition, when the roof is open, it allows cool fresh air to flow through a space, cooling and refreshing the indoors without the need for air conditioning. This is an important feature for restaurants and hotels that want to be environmentally responsible and save on power bills at the same time.

Moreover, a retractable roof can protect interior furnishings, fabrics and materials from harmful climate factors like UV rays that cause fabrics to fade with discoloration in just a few days, or rain and winds that cause wood surfaces to become unsightly and rot within short periods. Similarly, the insulating properties of a retractable roof help preserve the beauty and lifespan of outdoor furniture and fittings in garden spaces, pool areas or restaurants and bars, as they can remain protected against harsh weather conditions all year round.

Energy Savings

Retractable roofs can significantly reduce energy consumption by allowing the amount of sunlight to enter the space. In homes, this helps to reduce air conditioning usage. In restaurants and bars, it can also reduce the need for heating. In addition, it can also help to preserve natural plants and trees by protecting them from harsh climate conditions.

Environmental Preserving

Retracted roofs can significantly improve the environment by reducing the need for artificial light and by decreasing air temperature in the area below them. They can also prevent heat from escaping the building by keeping it insulated. Moreover, they can also protect indoor furniture from harmful UV rays that render fabrics unsightly with discolorations in a matter of days. They can also help to conserve natural resources by protecting vegetation and landscapes in urban areas, which would otherwise be susceptible to environmental stresses.

Year-Round Usage

Retractable roofs allow spaces to be used for outdoor Electric Retractable Roof Supplier dining and other activities, even during inclement weather. This allows restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments to generate additional revenue and increase customer satisfaction. In contrast to fixed skylights, which are manufactured as off-the-shelf products, retractable roof systems are designed and constructed for a specific home by the manufacturer. As such, they are more expensive than traditional skylights. However, they offer many benefits and can increase the value of a property.

UV Protection

When closed, the retractable roof protects furniture from harmful UV rays, which can cause skin burns and fade fabrics. This helps protect family members and visitors, especially when young children are playing outside. It also reduces the use of air conditioning, which lowers energy bills. This type of roof is ideal for commercial centers that want to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. It can even contribute to LEED credits for those looking to achieve this prestigious green certification.

In addition to protecting people and their belongings from the sun, a retractable roof can also provide protection against rain and wind. Its watertight seals make it possible to use the outdoor space even during wet weather. It also helps improve the environment by preventing the loss of nutrients and soil from rainwater runoff.

It is important to keep your electric retractable roof system in good working condition by performing regular operational tests and inspections. This will help to identify any problems and avoid costly repairs in the future. It is also a good idea to perform professional servicing and maintenance at least twice per year. This will ensure that your retractable roof is in excellent working condition for the entire season.


As the trend for sustainable living and building continues to grow many homeowners are now opting for shade solutions that have energy saving benefits. These include reducing the need for air conditioning during the hotter months and helping to reduce energy bills in general. With the cost of electricity constantly increasing this is something that many people are finding a great deal of relief in.

The addition of a retractable roof system is also known to add value to a property. With options available to suit any space this can be a great feature for a home or even commercial premises such as a restaurant, event spaces or tennis courts. As well as adding value these systems also look fantastic as they are able to be customised with a range of colours and finishes that can match the style of any area.

Another benefit of a retractable roof is the protection it provides for furniture and fittings. If exposed to the elements fabrics will fade and wood can rot, so keeping items protected from the sun is a worthwhile investment. This also helps to reduce maintenance costs as repairs are less likely to be needed.