Finding a Silicone Manufacturer

Finding a Silicone Manufacturer

Finding a reliable silicone manufacturer is essential for creating high-quality products. Experienced manufacturers can help with design support and provide valuable technical advice to their customers. They can also oversee quality control.

The top silicone manufacturers produce a variety of high-quality rubber components including custom molds, precision lathe cut seals and high-volume die-cut gaskets. Their materials include EPDM, neoprene, SBR and urethane. Their factories are equipped with class 8 clean rooms to meet hygienic requirements.

Shin-Etsu Chemical

Shin-Etsu Chemical manufactures a wide variety of silicone products. Their specialized silicones are widely used in the electrical/electronics manufacturing industry, auto manufacturing, cosmetics, healthcare and chemical industries. Their products include silicone fluids, silicon resins and oligomers, and silane gases. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s products are known for their resiliency, strength and consumer safety. Chemical Concepts is one of the few distributors of Shin-Etsu silicone in the United States, offering a full range of their products for your manufacturing needs.

Shin-etsu’s white highly reflective transfer molding materials have high transmissivity, good injection properties, and low warpage. They also have excellent heat silicone manufacturer resistance and weatherable resistance. This material is designed to meet any customer’s requirements, especially those that require high reliability.

The company’s silicon elastomer consists of a blend of polyether sulfone and a hardening agent. It is available in liquid or tablet shapes and has a wide range of physical and chemical characteristics, making it ideal for many applications. The elastomer is also easy to work with and is resistant to abrasion, UV radiation and chemicals.

Shin-Etsu’s silicon products have a broad range of applications and are produced using environmentally friendly technology. They use advanced refining technologies, ultra-trace analysis technology and thorough container clean management to ensure that their silicones are high-purity materials with low impurities. Shin-Etsu is a Japan-based company that operates in six business segments. The Poly Vinyl Chloride and Other Chemicals segment manufactures and sells vinyl chloride, caustic soda products and chloromethane. The Silicone segment manufactures and sells semiconductor silicon products. The Functional Chemicals segment produces cellulose derivatives, metal silicon, poval and synthetic sex pheromones.

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions offers foam, adhesive and spacer tapes designed for a variety of markets. The company’s products are used in applications like electrical insulation, automotive manufacturing and construction. The company also offers specialty tapes for medical applications, such as wound care and surgical tapes.

Saint Gobain’s products are used in more than 75 countries around the world, including the United States. The company’s headquarters silicone manufacturer are located in Paris, France. Founded in 1665, the company has over 350 years of history. Its mission is to design and manufacture products that improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

The company’s flagship brand is Gyproc. The company also has operations in the Middle East, India and Australia. The Middle East operation began trading as Gyproc in 2005, and its products have been used on major projects, including the stations and main depots of the Dubai Metro; Atlantis Hotel – Palm Jumeirah; and the Ferrari Experience – Abu Dhabi.

The company also produces a line of tapes for composite molding. These tapes offer sealing, flash breaking and mold lining for all temperature ranges and resin systems. They can be paired with acrylic, silicone or rubber adhesives. They can be trimmed to fit any application, and are available in several colors. The company’s high-strength spacer tapes maintain consistent spacing between glass panes and metal frames prior to structural silicone glazing applications.

Joseph Fazzio Inc.

Founded in 1965, Joseph Fazzio Inc. is a steel and metal service center. Based in Glassboro, New Jersey, it stocks a 26,000 ton inventory of steel, metals and industrial items. Its structural steel product line includes beams, road plates, flat sheets, expanded and grating material, square tubing, round tubing, pipe, bars and metal roofing. It also offers metal fabrication services, including saw cutting, shearing, punching, bending, computerized flame and plasma cutting. In addition, it distributes building materials and fleet products, such as fasteners, tool storage and specific bolt, nut, screw and spacer selections. The company also provides equipment, such as backhoes, excavators, dozers, forklifts, rollers and sweepers. It is a family-owned business. Currently, the company employs 61 people at its headquarters in Glassboro, New Jersey.


Xiameter is Dow Corning’s no-frills online store for many of its silicon-based materials. Its web-based, streamlined operations significantly reduce costs for customers by eliminating the need for sales staff and by using automated business rules. The company’s Xiameter brand offers more than 350 silicone products including fluids, silanes, and resins. The company’s emulsions, antifoaming agents, and silicone sealants are also available through the site.

To maximize customer savings, Xiameter requires large volumes of each product order. This ensures that the company can consolidate freight costs and save on inventory and storage space. The website also provides predetermined manufacturing lead times and standard terms for credit to further reduce costs. In addition, customers can receive an order acknowledgment, shipping notice, and an electronic invoice without contacting a Xiameter employee.

The Xiameter team was handpicked from the ranks of Dow Corning employees. They were selected based on their passion for the company and their ability to function in a high-performing, fast-paced environment. They also had a deep understanding of the silicone industry and how to meet its changing needs.

Xiameter’s new business model aims to serve the silicone commodity market without sacrificing its reputation for innovation and technical service. The company has found that customers who buy Xiameter products will adapt their thinking and processes to meet its simple business rules.