Food Flavour Manufacturers

food flavour manufacturers

Food Flavour Manufacturers

Food flavour manufacturers create and manufacture flavors for beverages, foods, and cosmetics. They provide a wide range of flavors, including natural and artificial flavorings. They also offer customized services.

In addition to providing great taste, food flavor manufacturers must also meet regulatory standards regarding nutritionals, allergens, GMO’s, kosher and halal ingredients. They are also expected to participate in marketing research.

Omega Ingredients Ltd.

Omega Ingredients Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of natural ingredients food flavour manufacturers for the food and beverage industry. Its products are based on the innovative fusion of biochemistry with natural materials. Their customers include manufacturers of soft drinks, ice cream, snacks, and other products. The company provides a range of unique and innovative products that are kosher, halal, and organic-approved. These include natural top notes for beverages and flavors, high impact natural and synthetic aroma chemicals, and natural botanical extracts.

Omega’s clients include a number of global blue-chip companies and UK household brands. Its previous innovative projects include working with NASA to recreate the “smell of space” as part of its astronaut training programmes. The acquisition of Omega, originated and supported by FRP Corporate Finance Partner Jon Dodge, Senior Manager Alex Hunton, and Director Ryan Symonds, will strengthen Robertet’s UK flavours manufacturing presence and expand its development capabilities.

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Symrise is among the top four food flavour manufacturers in the world. Its products are used in food, beverages, fine fragrances, and personal care products. The company’s products include a wide range of flavors and fragrances, raw materials, and functional ingredients.

The company’s research and development department is constantly looking for new ways to synthesize nature-identical flavor compounds. In addition, the R&D team works to optimize process technologies from an ecological standpoint. This allows it to develop and offer new innovations in food applications in line with market demands.

It is also working to create new flavors and textures for no- and low-alcohol drinks. These developments will make it possible for manufacturers to offer a wider selection of products and remain competitive in the growing segment.

In order to keep up with the current trends in the flavour industry, Symrise has adjusted its corporate structure. In 2022, the company reorganized its Taste, Nutrition & Health (TN&H) division into two business arms: Food and Beverage and Natural Ingredients. The TN&H division now offers individual tonalities, differentiated ingredients with food declarations, and complete solutions for use in final products.

In addition, the company’s Food & Beverage division now has its own R&D and production facilities. The company’s new liquid flavors plant in Singapore uses innovative technology and is designed to produce more efficient products. It also features barcoding and batch management technologies that will improve efficiency and ensure quality.


Takasago manufactures flavors, fragrances and aroma chemicals. Its products are used in food, beverages, fine fragrances and household products. The company’s products are distributed globally. Its main headquarters is located in Hatchoubori 2-11, Chuo Ward in Tokyo, Japan. The company has been in business since 1920.

Its chemistry is based on natural ingredients, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Its products include a range of savory tastes and plant-based solutions, including flavor enhancers, clean label alternatives, and colors. The company also uses upcycled raw materials to make its products. Its aromic compounds are based on natural, non-toxic ingredients and do not contain any GMOs or artificial colors. Its aromic oils are made from sustainable sources such as pine trees, orange peels, and upcycled waste materials.

Takasago’s care for the environment is reflected in its commitment to use only renewable resources, such as pine tree oil and upcycled waste materials. Its scientists are dedicated to developing innovative ingredients for the food industry, and they have won numerous awards for their work. The company’s products have won the hearts of consumers worldwide. The company also focuses on creating sustainable products that offer the same taste and quality as traditional foods. Its flagship brand is Shojin, which combines Takasago’s science-based perspective with culinary wisdom from ancient Japan. The company has received many awards and recognitions for its products, such as the prestigious Good Design Award.

T. Hasegawa

For over a century, Hasegawa has been making life taste better by creating custom flavors for the world’s leading food and beverage brands. Their chemists are experts at crafting unique concepts and working collaboratively with clients to ensure their products stand out and deliver.

The company’s latest innovation, HASEAROMA, is an advanced flavor enhancement technology that recreates the authentic flavor of foods and beverages. food flavour manufacturers Using a unique process, it isolates and concentrates specific flavor molecules. This allows the company to create more intense, long-lasting flavors that will enhance a product’s appeal and quality. HASEAROMA can even reproduce the flavors of certain cuts and types of meat, such as wagyu beef.

In addition to HASEAROMA, Hasegawa has also developed ChefAroma, a new technology that delivers restaurant-quality flavors. ChefAroma uses reaction flavor technology to replicate the taste of real ingredients, such as butter, onion and wine, for a richer and more complex flavor experience. This technology saves restaurants time and money, while enhancing the product’s overall flavor profile.

Hasegawa’s mission is to help their customers grow and become profitable by providing them with a complete solution that will improve their market position and strengthen their customer relationships. This is accomplished through proactive and effective investment in the company’s facilities, equipment, technology and human resources. The company has a strong presence in North America and will continue to expand its footprint across the globe.