Jelly Packing Machine

Jelly Packing Machine

Jelly Packing Machine

Consumers prefer a packaged product that looks attractive and is made from a material that will protect the food inside. This packaging design also helps position the jelly and jam as a high-end product that is worth paying for.

The container cleaning machine automates the process of cleaning the containers before they are filled and sealed. This saves time and labor and ensures consistent quality.


Jelly is a highly viscous product that needs to be filled hot in order to ensure a smooth and even surface. With a Jelly Packing Machine, it is possible to complete the entire packing process in just minutes. This machine is a great choice for anyone who wants to speed up production without sacrificing quality or safety standards.

It uses an electric and pneumatic combined driving system to reduce the noise level and save man power. This also helps to keep the operating temperature stable and save on electricity costs. The whole machine is designed for easy operation and maintenance. It can be used to fill jelly in sachets as well as other similar products. It has the capability to handle up to 12 cups at a time. It also features a high efficiency hot sealing device that ensures a tight and secure seal every time. This makes the machine perfect for use in a wide variety of industries.

The machine frame and all food touching parts are made of Stainless Steel 304 materials. It is touch screen controlled and supports 6 languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Korea, and Russian. The sachet size and weight can be adjusted according to client’s special requirements. It can also be fitted with a ribbon type date printer to meet different printing demands.


If you want to seal your jelly into a plastic bag, you can use a Jelly Packing Machine. This machine can seal all-bloom Ketchup Packaging Machines various sizes of bags, allowing you to meet your business’s specific packaging needs. It can also be adjusted to seal different types of lunch boxes, making it a versatile and useful tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

The bag-making process on a Jelly packing machine can be performed in two ways: with a premade pouch or using the customer’s own raw materials. A vacuum-sealing machine can help you package your product in a fast and efficient way, and it is also easy to maintain. It has a high output and can be operated with minimal labor cost.

After the product is packaged, it can be labeled and coded for identification and other purposes. The machine uses thermal and inkjet printers to print codes, dates, and other information on the bag. It can also add barcodes to the bag to make it more attractive to customers.

The jelly packing machine has a hopper that can be configured to hold the products that need to be bagged. It can Jelly Packing Machine be equipped with a multi-head scale or an auger filler that will release discrete amounts of the product into each bag. The bags are then sealed and deposited into cases for shipment.


Whether your company makes jelly or another type of liquid food, you need to have appropriate packaging for it. The packaging must be attractive to consumers and provide important information about the product. It should also protect the food from contamination and spoilage. A good jelly packing machine will help you achieve this goal. It will clean the containers before they are filled and packaged, ensuring that you get a high-quality, attractive product that will delight your customers.

The Jelly Packing Machine is designed to work with different types of jelly and other liquids, such as milk, honey, sauce, ketchup, shampoo, cosmetic jelly, shower gel, and washing mouth water. The machine has a variety of functions, including bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, heating, and date printing. It is easy to use and easy to maintain, and it can be used in a wide range of applications.

The specialized machine’s work pattern includes an infeed conveyor, which orients the bottles for the production line and feeds them into the bags. The bags are then conveyed to a print-and-apply labeler that prints batch codes and expiry dates on them. This enables the machine to improve its efficiency and reduce the risk of errors during operation. It is also a safe and effective way to label your products. In addition, the machine is made of stainless steel and has a large screen that allows you to see your labels as they are printed.


Jelly is a highly viscous liquid that requires special equipment to pump and fill. Once the jelly product is filled, it can be packaged in containers of various shapes and sizes. A capping machine can apply custom-fitting caps to jars and bottles, making the finished product airtight and protecting it from spoilage. A labeler can then place labels that display nutritional information, other details, and unique branding on the container. Conveyors can transport the product throughout the entire packaging process until it is ready for shipping.

A jelly packing machine can streamline the entire production process and make it faster and more organized. It can also help you to reduce the risk of product contamination and loss by minimizing human error. Additionally, it can help you to comply with regulations and industry standards. A jelly packing machine can even be eco-friendly, which can help your business to attract more customers and build brand loyalty.

The sachet jelly packaging machine is suitable for a wide variety of products, such as jelly, ice lolly, pure water, milk, soy sauce, vinegar and medical and chemical liquid quantitative packaging. The system adopts computer/PLC control system, photoelectric tracking and maximizes its control precision, reliability and intellectualized degree. It is also equipped with a fault display system, which makes it easy to operate and maintain.