LED Backlit Posters, Graphics and Signage Come to Life With a Snap Frame Light Box

Snap Frame Light Box

LED Backlit Posters, Graphics and Signage Come to Life With a Snap Frame Light Box

Illuminated posters, graphics, and signage come to life with our LED snap frame light boxes. These wall mounted illuminated displays are UL listed and back-loaded to make changing the graphics fast and easy.

40 VISUALS offers standard LED snap frames and a wide range of custom size light box frames. We can help you determine which style and media is best for your needs.

Easy to Change Graphics

LED light panel technology has made major advancements over the years, allowing for thinner light box designs. This light box is less than 1″ deep and has a sleek profile that fits seamlessly into your wall space. You can display backlit signage, photography, and posters in this easy to mount snap frame light box. To change graphics, simply snap open the frame edges, remove the existing graphic and replace it with a new one. Then, close the frame edges and your backlit poster or signage is ready for your audience to view.

This UL approved display uses durable SEG fabric or Duratrans to backlight your graphic and provides a modern frameless look. The silicone strip on the edge of your SEG or Duratrans backlit Snap Frame Light Box graphic fits neatly into a channel around the perimeter of an aluminum frame extrusion, resulting in a drum tight fabric graphic that is evenly lit from behind.

This light box is ADA compliant and utilizes energy-efficient LED lighting to save over 80% on energy costs compared to traditional bulb displays. This is a great option for permanent retail displays, eye-catching trade show graphics or any other high traffic indoor location that requires a bright and vibrant backlit display. This slim and lightweight lightbox comes standard with clear protective lens and is ready to hang with no tools required.


A Snap Frame Light Box is the perfect display solution for posters, advertisements, graphics and signage. These wall mounted illuminated displays are available in edge-lit or backlit models. Using LED bulbs, these snap open lightboxes are designed to front load Duratrans backlit film and provide indirect illumination that makes your displayed image stand out in any environment.

These LED light boxes come in many standard sizes and popular satin silver or brushed black finishes, but they can also be custom made to meet your specific needs. They use a durable aluminum snap open frame and cast acrylic with later engraved lighting guide gutters, making them extremely reliable and energy efficient.

Compared to SEG fabric light boxes, these snap-open frames are far thinner. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and are a great option for high traffic areas where space is limited.

They also have a spring-loaded cover that allows store employees to change the graphic without the need for tools or removal from the installed location. The anti-glare transparent cover keeps the backlit film protected from dust and other environmental Snap Frame Light Box Manufacturer factors that may damage it over time. These features make the snap frame light box a cost-effective choice for retail environments. These lightboxes are also a more environmentally friendly option than traditional florescent backlit displays. They have a long life span, are easy to maintain and don’t require changing bulbs frequently.

Energy Efficient

With a lower depth frame profile than traditional fluorescent light boxes, the LED lighted Snap Frame is more energy efficient and requires less maintenance. The acrylic diffusion panel provides even brightness for illuminating your posters, graphics and signage. Some backlit displays can be too bright in some areas and have shadows in others but LED lighted frames eliminate this problem by using the latest lighting technology in an energy efficient design.

The slim aluminum snap frame is a fraction of the size of traditional fluorescent or incandescent frames. The lightweight, ADA compliant sign is designed for wall mounting and includes easy to use snap open and snap shut technology. Simply snap the silver frame edges open, insert your backlit graphic and then snap the frame edges closed.

The frame edges have an elegantly finished natural satin silver coating that looks beautiful in any environment. The corners are precision mitered and the frame is constructed for maximum durability. The UL Listed power supply plugs into the bottom of the light box and converts 120V AC into 12V DC output to illuminate your poster or graphic. The lighted frame uses 31W of power and consumes half as much as traditional T12 style fluorescent bulbs. There are no bulbs to change and the LED lights last up to 11 years.

Easy to Hang

Unlike other light box signage displays, snap frame LED lighting does not require complicated installation instructions or the need for specialized tools. It is a popular choice for retail environments, health care facilities and other businesses. The aluminum frame has four rails that snap open, allowing users to front load the graphic easily without removing it from the wall. This process typically takes less than a minute and does not require any special skills or tools.

The 24″ x 36″ backlit smart LED lightbox features an ultra-thin frame and is available in your choice of portrait or landscape orientation. Its LED light panel is illuminated by LED bulbs that guide light through an etched acrylic panel and bounce off of the white reflective backer to showcase your custom printed backlit film poster with vivid clarity. The backlit display comes with a low glare cover and suspension kit.

The backlit LED lightbox has a thin 1″ profile and an easy-to-use snap frame that allows graphics to be changed out instantly. It is ideal for permanent retail displays, corporate environments and eye-catching trade show graphics. The snap frame LED lightbox also has an energy efficient diffuser panel that reduces glare and ensures even illumination. The light box frame is manufactured from silver anodized aluminum for a long life, and comes with an anti-glare protective lens and a UL listed power supply.