LED Backlit Snap Frame Light Box

LED Backlit Snap Frame Light Box

Easily change posters and graphics by using this LED backlit snap frame. This illuminated display features a slim design that allows it to fit smartly into wall spaces.

These displays are ideal for use in retail stores, restaurants and cell phone shops. They offer a modern frameless look and are energy efficient.

Easy to Change Graphics

These wall-mounted aluminum lightbox frames are easy front-loading, making changing posters or signs quick and simple. Backlit to attract attention, this LED lighted poster frame is ideal for retail stores, banks and credit unions, movie theaters, restaurants and food establishments, photography studios, art galleries and museums, and more. These slim LED lighted snap frame displays are energy efficient and come standard with a clear protective lens and UL approved wall adaptor.

The silver snap edges open up for easy installation without the need for tools. The backlit polyester frontlit film is installed inside the frame by simply opening up the silver snapping frame pieces. Once the frame is filled with your custom images and artwork, it is’snapped shut’ and ready to hang on your wall.

The thin profile is less than 1″ deep and the backlit frame material holds the graphics tightly in place. The frame is backed by an LED diffuser panel for even lighting. This LED lighted poster display frame is made in the USA and comes with popular satin silver and brushed black snap frame finish options. The framed image is backlit with high-resolution LEDs to add dimension and draw your customers’ attention. Larger sizes up to 48″ x 96″ can be built to order. Please inquire for more information and a quote.


Durable LED light boxes are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They use a special Snap Frame Light Box acrylic diffusion panel to evenly illuminate your graphics without shadowing or hot spots. They can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally. LED lights last much longer than fluorescent light bulbs and require a significantly lower power draw. This makes them an energy efficient choice for your business.

The front of the frame snaps open to easily insert a poster or other graphic. The four rails of the aluminum frame profile then snap closed. This is a simple, straightforward process that requires no special tools or installation instructions. This “snap-open” frame design is popular in stores, retail spaces, sports and entertainment venues, airports, hotels, home centers, restaurants and food establishments, museums and art galleries, corporate facilities, and other commercial locations.

A durable light box is a great option for high traffic locations that need to quickly change out visual displays. It is available in a range of sizes and is easy to install on the wall. A quality durable light box should have a thicker aluminum snap frame, cast acrylic with laser engraved lighting guide gutter. These features will help the LED light bulbs last longer and keep your display looking vibrant for a long time. In addition, it should be CSA/UL approved for safe operation.

Energy Efficient

Light boxes are the perfect solution for backlit signage, eye catching trade show graphics and permanent retail displays. They use LED lighting technology for illumination and are a more energy efficient alternative to traditional florescent illuminated signage. LED lights consume about 75% less power and last up to 25 times longer than the average florescent bulb. This results in lower electricity bills for your business.

This slim frame light box features an easy-to-use snap open design that makes graphic changes quick and simple. There are no tools needed and you can change your backlit graphic transparency by opening up the silver frame pieces, removing the old poster or transparency, replacing it with the new one, then snapping the frame edges shut.

The thin 1″ profile and LED diffuser panel of this lightbox make it ideal for tight spaces. This LED lighted display is also available in double-sided to accommodate larger images and more information.

The durable and attractive aluminum snap frame is available in popular satin silver or brushed black finishes. You can also choose to add a custom-printed backlit acrylic overlay for a high-end look. The acrylic overlay is designed to protect the backlit film from dirt and moisture and helps ensure your message is displayed clearly in all types of environments.

Low Maintenance

This 22 x 28 Smart LED Snap Frame light box has an ultra slim panel profile, backlit with high uniform brightness SMD LEDs. It is a cost effective solution for any signage or advertising application that requires a fast change graphic display solution. These wall-mounted backlit frames are ideal for retail stores, corporate facilities, hotels, showrooms and museums.

The frames are easy to change, requiring no tools and taking less than a minute. The aluminum frame edges easily snap open on all sides, so you can front load your graphics. Then just flip the PET-G antiglare protective lens to expose the graphics, and snap shut.

These backlit frames are made in the USA with durable and energy efficient LEDs. They are UL listed, and are safe for any environment. They do Snap Frame Light Box Manufacturer not contain mercury like older fluorescent light bulbs which pose environmental concerns and can be harmful if broken.

These frames are available in a variety of standard sizes, and can also be custom-sized to meet your requirements. Choose from satin silver or brushed black frames, as well as double-sided models. They are perfect for displaying signage, posters, photography and other graphic images in any indoor setting. They are also great for attracting attention to point-of-purchase displays in store aisles. They can be wall-mounted, freestanding or suspended from the ceiling.