Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machines

pre rolled cone filling machine

Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machines

Pre-roll machines make the production of many cones in a short time possible. By comparison, one person can only produce a few dozen cones in three minutes.

A raw cone filling machine is a great investment for your business. It can help you save on labor costs pre rolled cone filling machine and ensure consistency. It also reduces the need for touch, attaining maximum hygiene.


Pre-roll cone filling machines can dramatically reduce labor costs by automating the most time-consuming parts of the production process. These machines can produce hundreds of cones per hour and are available in a variety of sizes. They can be paired with a Dutch crown device to close and package the pre-rolls in a matter of seconds. This makes them an excellent choice for dispensaries that have limited floor space.

The King Kone is an affordable pre-roll cone filling machine. It is a metal machine that has a powerful motor that vibrates the platform up and down. It can also be accompanied by a spreader, which helps to distribute the cannabis evenly. This ensures that the cone is filled to the correct density, which improves the burning rate and flavor of the final product.

A common misconception is that the more holes a machine has, the more pre-rolls it can produce per shift. However, this is not the case. The bottleneck in the production process is not how many cones can be filled, but how quickly they can be tamped, weighed, and twisted/folded.

Futurola’s cone-filling machine, the Knockbox 3/100, is ideal for small one-store dispensaries and startups that want to increase their production without investing in a full automation solution. It is also a good option for larger operations, but requires more attentive labor and does not automatically weigh the cones. The machine estimates the weight of each cone based on the volume of the fill. This isn’t the most accurate way to weigh a cone, but it’s a much faster alternative to manual weighing.


If you’re running a dispensary and aren’t using a cone filling machine, you’re missing out on a big profit opportunity. While it’s possible to roll cones manually, doing so is inefficient and takes much longer than using a pre-roll machine. In addition, it can result in uneven burning or poor flavor. A cone filling machine will make your product more consistent and increase your production speed.

There are many different types of cone filling machines available on the market, but they all work in the same way: The base has a hopper that holds the cannabis, which is fed into the top of the machine by a conveyor belt. The weed is then filled into the cone, which is then sealed with a rubber band or film. The cone is then placed in a container to be packaged and labeled.

The Futurola Knockbox 3/100 cone filling machine is an excellent choice for dispensaries looking to increase their production capacity. This single-person machine can pack up to 55 cones in a short amount of time. It also comes with a variety of accessories, including a cone riser and a packing tool. It can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Some options include a second compaction station, automatic trimmer, and a dutch crown device. These accessories can cut down your production time by 10 minutes per 100 cones.


A pre-roll cone filling machine allows producers to increase production without sacrificing efficiency or product quality. Using a machine to mass-fill cones ensures consistency, and enables brands to maintain a quality supply while still increasing sales and profits. These machines are also easy to use and come in a range of sizes and papers, making them ideal for any business.

When choosing a cone filling machine, consider the number of slots that it has and how much time it takes to produce a set of 100 cones. A common misconception is that the more slots on a machine mean more cones can be produced per hour, but this is not necessarily true. When calculating production times, it is important to factor in the time spent removing cones from the machine, checking weights, tamping and twisting/folding, as well as packaging your joints.

One way to reduce the time it takes to produce a batch of cones is by using a vibration table. These tables can pre rolled cone filling machine shake the filled cones to help ensure that the flower is evenly distributed throughout the entire joint. The result is a more consistent burn and a better smoking experience for the consumer.

Another option is to use an add-on called the Dutch Crown device, which can close a full batch of 100 cones in less than 10 seconds. This is a significant improvement over the time it would take to close each joint by hand.


A pre-roll cone filling machine can be customized to accommodate different size and type of cones. This allows a business to increase its production capacity and meet customer demands. However, a pre-roll cone filling machine must be designed to avoid infringing on existing patterns and trademarks and must adhere to safety standards from the jurisdiction where it will be used. Additionally, a pre-roll cone filling machines should also be able to accurately measure the weight or volume of the materials and deliver consistency.

Cone-filling machines are a must for a dispensary or smoke shop that wants to improve efficiency and quality. They help reduce the amount of manual handling and can lower the risk of contamination. They can also reduce the time it takes to dispense a joint and help prevent product loss. This helps businesses save money in the long run and increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

The Futurola Knockbox 3/100 pre-roll cone filler is one of the best cone filling machines available, and it can handle a variety of sizes, from 84mm 14 size cones to 109mm king size cones. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, and it’s ideal for dispensaries that want to automate their cone-filling process. It’s important to note that the machine is not a complete solution and requires additional equipment, such as an atomizer, to make it fully functional.