Snap Frame Light Box

Snap Frame Light Box

Easily change your message, promotion or offer on this backlit LED lightbox display. The silver frame slides open from the front and allows for quick graphic changes without tools.

These USA made LED lighted snap frames are ideal for wall-mounted poster displays and other graphic images in any indoor location. These slim and thin light boxes are also energy efficient and long-lasting.

Easy to Change Graphics

Snap Frame Light Boxes are wall mounted frames that provide a backlit surface to enhance your poster, graphic or sign. These frames also feature a front loading design, making it easy to change your display inserts. They are popular for retail store, corporate, institution, exhibit and point of purchase displays.

With a low profile, these display frames are less than 1″ deep. This means they can fit into tight spaces. They are also ADA compliant, so they can be placed in public areas without a worry. The aluminum frames are designed with snap edges that open and snap shut, which makes it easy to change your graphics. The frames are available in a range of sizes, from 3 ft X 5 ft to 48 ft X 96″.

One of the advantages of snap frame light boxes is that they are easier to install and maintain than traditional florescent backlit light box displays. This is because they do not contain fragile tubes or bulbs and can be installed by your employees. In addition, they are energy efficient, using LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs to illuminate your display.

These light box frames are an excellent way to attract attention and draw people into your business. They are ideal for displaying large posters, ads, and artwork. They are also a great way to highlight important information, such as special events or product promotions.


Unlike other illuminated light box display frames that are only used indoors, these snap Snap Frame Light Box frame LED lights are designed to be wall mounted outdoors. They are weatherproof and durable for many years of use in all types of climate conditions. These light boxes are ideal for retail stores, corporate facilities, hotels, showrooms, museums and outdoor signage projects.

LED light boxes provide a unique backlighting technology that allows graphic images to be seen in a way that other framed signs and posters cannot. This backlighting allows customers to read your message or view your photos clearly and easily, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. LEDs also last up to 11 times longer than traditional florescent bulbs, so your illuminated graphics will not need to be changed as often.

These slim LED lightboxes are available in several standard sizes and profile widths in popular black and silver tones and colorful faux wood finishes. These frames also come with a clear cover sheet and power supply for easy maintenance. Custom lightbox frame sizes are also available.

This smart LED lighted poster display is available in 24 x 36 inch size to accommodate your large sized posters and graphics. It has a thin 1-inch wall depth and features an energy efficient light panel with diffusing LED lighting strips. This smart LED light box can be wall displayed in portrait or landscape orientation and comes with a clear lens to reduce glare and protect the image. This LED light box is UL listed and backed with a multi-year bulb warranty.

Energy Efficient

Unlike traditional poster and flyer frames, which require external lighting to be seen, light boxes utilize internal LEDs to backlight graphic materials. This energy efficient approach makes them a popular resource for businesses in all industries looking to attract customers and increase brand awareness. The LEDs are also designed to last for a long period of time, making them a low maintenance solution for businesses.

With its slim and lightweight profile, the bsmart Super Slim Snap Light Box is a great display solution for retail displays, art galleries, museums, and trade shows. The LED lights emit a bright, even glow that highlights the colors and details of your artwork or poster. The frame is also ideal for displaying negatives, slides, or film strips as it can illuminate them in a way that allows you to see every detail clearly. The bsmart light box is easy to install and comes with a 2-pin plug and lead, although a plug adaptor may be required.

These edge-lit LED lightboxes are designed for wall mounted applications with a 1″ depth and feature snap frames that snap open from the front to allow quick changes without tools. They come with a clear PET-G anti-glare protective lens that reduces glare and shields the contents from dust and debris. The frame also has a silver finish that complements any décor and is available in various sizes.


This aluminum 11 x 17 smart LED light box is an energy efficient way to highlight posters, graphics, or signage. It is ideal for retail stores, shopping malls, theatres, sports and entertainment centers, banks and credit unions, hotels, restaurants, home centers, and auto showrooms.

This wall mounted lightbox has a thin frame profile, making it easy to install and change. It features a backlit LED panel with high brightness and long life bulbs. The panel can be replaced without removing the display from its mount, which saves time and money. It also has a switch to control the brightness of the light.

Lightboxes are an inexpensive option for promoting your business. The Snap Frame Light Box Manufacturer cost is a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional florescent backlit display, and they can be easily replaced when your message changes. In addition, the frames can be double-sided for even more visibility.

The snap frame design of this LED light box makes it simple to insert posters or other printed materials. It typically takes less than a minute to replace a graphic, and no tools are required. Simply flip open the edges of the frame on all four sides, remove the PET-G anti-glare protective lens, place the new poster in the back, and snap shut the frame. The framed artwork will be instantly illuminated, creating an eye-catching and effective promotional display.