Top Rated Dust Collection Systems From a Top Dust Purification Equipment Supplier

Top Rated Dust Collection Systems From a Top Dust Purification Equipment Supplier

Dust collection systems help filter and contain airborne contaminants to keep the workplace safe and clean. These systems are used by industries like mining, welding, chemical production, pharmaceuticals and more.

When choosing a dust purification equipment supplier, look for one that offers a variety of options. These include: bag-in/bag-out, continuous liner and safe change systems.

Monsoon Wet Downdraft Tables

The self-contained MONSOON wet downdraft table series offers an efficient at-source solution for safe capture of dangerous combustible metal dusts. This dust collection system achieves a high face velocity with the lowest equipment footprint in the industry. A wide range of application kits and custom fittings allow for customization to fit specific applications.

Unlike traditional dry-dust collectors that recycle exhaust back into the workspace, DualDraw wet tables draw contaminated air through a ventilated work surface and move it into a torrent of water. The dust particles then bond with suspended water droplets, which drain down into a tank for collection and disposal. Interior baffling creates the required turbulence to maximize filtration efficiency. A mist eliminator after-filter prevents the unit from exhausting excess water vapor into your work area.

The 2′ x 4′ table features a large capacity Nanofiber filter with an arrestance rating of 99.8% @ 0.5 micron along with a 2′ x 3′ deep metal mesh pre-filter that is washable. Designed and engineered to be 100% OSHA compliant, this wet downdraft table can be used for a variety of industrial applications such as welding, deburring, and grinding. With a three-phase 230 input voltage and 78 dB at five feet sound level, this downdraft table is powerful yet quiet. Stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting durability and easy cleaning.

Filterhawk Cartridge Dust Collectors

Unlike cyclone systems, which are effective at filtering coarser and larger dust particles, cartridge collectors can handle a broad range of particle sizes. They can even be fitted with special abrasion-resistant or baffle systems to handle heavy and abrasive applications, eliminating the need for pre-filters in those environments.

Typically, a cartridge system operates using a series of cylindrical filters. These filters are pleated, which means that many more square feet of filter surface area can be packed into a given filter, allowing Dust purification equipment supplier for much higher capture velocities than traditional panel or baghouse systems. Most systems will also include a dust pulsing system, which uses pulses of compressed air to clean excess dust from the filters, increasing filter life and reducing maintenance costs.

Cartridge sized systems will usually operate on a differential pressure basis, ensuring that the system only triggers a compressed air blast to clean the filters when their differential pressure reaches a certain point. The pulse cleaning system may also be able to be programmed, such that the filters will only be cleaned when necessary and not at random.

Like all industrial filtration systems, cartridge dust and fume collection systems should be equipped with basic fire safety elements such as a smoke detector or fire/smoke detection system that will set off an alarm and shut down the motor if a combustible event occurs. Additionally, they should be equipped with a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-compliant deflagration system that includes explosion venting and isolation valves to prevent pressure waves from returning backward into the facility.

Typhoon Wet Dust Collectors

A top rated, industrial grade wet dust collector that safely collects and eliminates hazardous combustible metal dust in commercial manufacturing facilities and shops. Unlike dry dust collection systems, this explosion proof air cleaner pulls contaminated air into a water torrent that is continuously and violently agitated by internal baffling and centrifugal force. Airborne particles are bonded with the water droplets and then sink to the bottom of the collector as a sludge. Its stainless steel construction protects the unit against corrosion. This fire and explosion proof wet dust collector requires no permanent ducting or central installation and can be ducted directly into machines like a widebelt sander. This high performance combustible dust extractor can be used for applications such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium welding, grinding & deburring, sanding and finishing, buffing and pharmaceutical production.

In addition to providing safe, cost-effective combustible metal dust control and removal, this stainless steel wet dust collector helps manufacturers meet the stringent flammability and explosion standards set by regulatory agencies like OSHA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the NFPA. Failure to meet these requirements can result in fines and even the closure of a facility. Using a wet dust collector is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to comply with these regulations and ensure the safety of employees, customers and business owners.

Filterhawk Environmental Booths

Designed to safely remove combustible dust particles from the workplace, the Filterhawk Booth Module Collector eliminates fumes and smoke while self-cleaning. Dust purification equipment supplier The system recirculates clean air, keeping it inside the facility, lowering energy costs and meeting NFPA standards.

Suitable for applications where capture-at-source is impractical, the system uses a series of filter cartridges to eliminate hazardous contaminants before they reach workers breathing zones. The Booth Module features a backdraft louver that draws air into a set of cartridge filters, which are programmed to reverse pulse clean themselves, removing accumulated dust. The debris is then deposited into an empty dust drawer, making it one of the lowest maintenance ambient air cleaners available.

The turnkey system is ideal for welding, sanding and grinding, chipping, plasma cutting, and other applications where combustible dust is present. The Booth Module can be configured with a variety of options, including custom dimensions, dustproof light kits, crane slots, front doors and regain.

Unlike Cartridge Dust Collectors that force contaminants to pass through the system, the Typhoon wet downdraft tables remove them from the workplace by binding them with water. The process is simple, safe and complies with all regulatory guidelines. The system is also easy to operate and requires no venting outside of the work space, reducing electrical consumption. The standard size is 22′ 6″ w x 12′ h x 25′ d, but it can be configured to fit virtually any space.