Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a multifunctional machine used to make cream, lotion and ointments. It works by heating up water and oil in separate pots. It also features scrapers that help eliminate materials stuck on the mixer to avoid dead corners.

The main emulsification mixer has a high speed rotor stator homogenizer, counter-rotating centre agitator and wall scraper. It is able to handle large volumes of product and can produce a high-quality emulsion.

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer utilizes a vacuum condition to uniformly high shear emulsify one or more phases. The emulsifying process occurs in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor using strong momentum and hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute. The vacuum emulsifying mixer also uses a center agitator, wall scraping and homogenizer. The machine is used for producing viscous emulsions and dispersions in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industries.

The rotary vacuum emulsifier is designed with an easy-to-clean tank body and liner and meets GMP requirements for aseptic manufacturing. The emulsifying mixer can be powered by either steam or electric warming. Its stainless steel 316L contact parts provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The emulsifying mixer can also be equipped with a CIP system for cleaning and sanitation.

This unique mixing equipment is used by the cosmetic industry to mix body lotions, creams and lipsticks as well as soaps, detergents and honey. It is also a favorite in the pharmaceutical industry to process ointments, oral syrups and latex. It is also useful in the food business to process thick source, cheddar, oral liquids, baby food, and chocolate. Mayonnaise, dressings, jam, and spread are also being emulsified by this machine. In addition, it is being utilized in chemical processing and printing and dyeing auxiliaries. This machine has a high speed rotor stator homogenizer, which is a key component for high shear emulsification.

High Shear Technology

The high shear technology used in the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer helps to emulsify, disperse, reduce particle size and mix materials. This is achieved by using the powerful force generated from the rotor and stator assembly. These two parts work together to create a shear gap that produces high velocity variations. The shear force is proportional to the radius of the hole in the rotor, and the velocity variation increases with increasing diameter of the rotor.

When the machine is started, the planet carrier rotates and triggers the stirring shaft in the box to also rotate at a fast speed around the emulsifying tank. This rapid rotation of the shear head subjects the material to strong shearing and kneading that help in emulsifying, dispersing, and mixing of the materials. The shear head is equipped with a middle stirrer and Teflon scrapers that sweep the materials stuck on the emulsifying tank wall.

Vacuum emulsifying mixer has several advantages that make it an ideal machine for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and daily chemical care industries. These include reduced atmospheric pressure, perfect mixture and improved handling of mixer supplier the products. It is also useful in preventing the product from contamination by Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer external particles. The vacuum system also makes it easy to clean the machine by removing any excess material. This feature eliminates the need for dismantling the machine to clean it manually.

CIP System

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is equipped with a CIP (Clean in Place) system that automatically cleans the machine. This is a big advantage since it saves time and allows the operator to concentrate on the process. This feature also helps maintain sanitary conditions, which is vital for the manufacturing of safe products. It also reduces the risk of human interaction with chemicals that could be dangerous to people.

The mixing machine is also designed with a safety valve and a vacuum protection inlet to prevent mishaps during the operation of the machine. It is more energy-efficient than traditional mixers, which reduces the cost of production.

This equipment is ideal for a variety of applications. It can be used to make cosmetics, emulsions like oral syrups and medical ointments, and liquid creams. It can also be used for emulsifying food products, including soups and sauces.

The vacuum emulsifying mixer is made from high-quality stainless steel and has mirror finish inside the vessel. The contact parts are made from SUS316L material to ensure a hygienic environment and comply with GMP standards. The machine is equipped with a water pot, oil pot, emulsifying pot, vacuum system, lifting system, electric control system and operation platform. This equipment is widely used in chemical industries such as daily chemical care products, paint and dyeing auxiliaries, paper, pesticide and fertilizers, plastics and rubber, power electronics, and other manufacturing industries.


Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a device that is used in laboratories for mixing different chemicals. This machine has a lot of safety features that prevent accidents. For example, it has colored push buttons that make them harder to accidentally press and an alarm system that lets you know if the vacuum valves aren’t being held tight enough. It also has a safety lock that protects the mixer from being opened by unauthorized personnel.

A good Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer will have multiple functions, including heating, cooling, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing and homogenizing. It will also have a high shear speed and a blade mixer for thick ingredients. It will also have a pump and a pressure gauge.

It is important to maintain your Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer to avoid clogging and other problems. This can be done by regularly cleaning it with soap and water. You should also keep a maintenance log to track any repairs you need to do. You should also check the vacuum valves and pressure gauges on a regular basis.

This type of equipment is used in the pharmaceutical industry for production of cream, ointment, and suppositories. It is also useful in petrochemical industry, daily chemical care products, paint and ink, nanometer materials, pulp & paper, pesticides, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, and electrics and electronics. It is a compact and portable machine with a stainless steel frame.