What to Look For in Silicone Swim Goggles

What to Look For in Silicone Swim Goggles

Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that resists degradation by chlorine and sunlight. It’s also soft and flexible, allowing for a better fit around the head.

These goggles are one indivisible unit with larger gaskets that seal to your face. They often include an adjustable nose bridge and are available in multiple frame colours.


For most swimmers, comfort is a top priority when purchasing a pair of swim goggles. A snug fit and soft silicone seal are key to preventing leaks and discomfort. Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that doesn’t degrade when exposed to chlorine and sun. It also has a softer feel than latex and is less likely to cause chafing or irritation.

The softness of silicone is especially important when choosing a pair of swimming goggles for kids. Kids can wear Silicone Swim Goggles a variety of different head sizes and faces, so it’s essential that the goggles provide a comfortable and secure fit. A double head strap and soft silicone seal prevent the goggles from slipping or falling off in the water.

These blinged-out goggles are perfect for kids who want to make a statement at the pool. The mirrored lenses keep the underwater glare out of your kiddos’ eyes, while anti-fog coating and UV treatment protect their peepers. With a secure neoprene head strap, these goggles will stay on even when they’re diving into the deep end to do cannonballs.

Competitive swimmers need a pair of goggles that are slim, close-fitting and durable. These Mares Rocket Silicone goggles offer a comfortable seal with polycarbonate lenses, anti-fog treatment and UV protection. They’re also designed with a slim profile that minimizes drag during outdoor races and workouts.


The main function of goggles is, of course, to help you see in the water. So the gasket (the rubber bit that sits on your face and gives suction) should fit comfortably around your eyes without any pinching or tugging, especially over long workouts. Different gasket designs fit differently and so it’s worth trying on a few pairs to find the best one for you.

One of our testers found it tricky to get a good seal on these and had to adjust the strap frequently, but once they were settled in the water, they gave superb clarity of vision. The mirrored lenses were also photochromatic and adapted quickly to changing light conditions – going from almost clear on a cloudy day to fully smoked when the sun emerged. They’re a little chunkier than some of the other goggles in this grouptest, but they look great and have a soft, flexible feel to them that feels comfortable on the face. You get a hard clamshell case and plenty of spare parts with these, too.

The onboard computer is a big plus, too. It shows you any combination of your stroke, lap, drill or race splits on the see-through augmented reality display in your eye-line so you can keep track of your progress without breaking stroke and awkwardly looking at your wrist. At PS199, they’re pricier than the standard pool and open-water trackers you can buy elsewhere, but their functionality is hard to match.


Goggles that fog up can be a major headache. Foggy lenses prevent you from seeing clearly, and if your vision is compromised, you may lose focus during your swim. To help prevent fogging, many swimmers will keep a few drops of water in their goggles and constantly slosh it around the lenses as they swim. While this technique works, it’s annoying and a hassle. For a more effective way to keep your goggles clear, try an anti-fog spray or soak.

Alternatively, you can use silicone straps instead of latex to get better ventilation while you swim. Silicone is considered more comfortable and durable than latex, and it’s also less likely to cause allergic reactions in some swimmers. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, so it’s an excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

The Rocket Silicone from Mares is an all-around great swim goggle for adults. It features soft silicone seals, polycarbonate lenses with an anti-fog treatment and UV protection, and an adjustable split headband that fits most faces. It’s also easy to adjust thanks to the wide range of available nosepieces and has a generous size that fits most adult faces. However, the Rocket silicone does not have a heads-up display, so it’s not the best choice for advanced swimmers who want to track their training data. The FORM smart goggles, on the other hand, have a heads-up display that allows you to see your swimming metrics—including your times, splits, distance, and stroke count.


The main function of a swim goggle is to help you Silicone Swim Goggles see in the water, so you should look for one that offers a large field of vision. Goggles that have a darker tint, like this pair from Speedo, are ideal for outdoor workouts, as they’ll cut down on glare from the sun. They also come with five interchangeable nose bridges to customize fit, and a double head strap for added security.

Fogging is common with some swimming goggles, but it can be averted by looking for a pair that comes with anti-fog lenses. It’s also a good idea to avoid touching or rubbing the lenses, as this can rub off the anti-fog coating and cause the goggles to fog up.

If you’re a serious swimmer, opt for a smart pair of goggles that track your fitness data and provide guidance in your swims. The FORM Smart Goggles deliver a real-time display right inside the lens, and the accompanying app makes it easy to organize and manage your workouts.

These sporty swim goggles have a soft silicone seal that sits comfortably around the eyes and is comfortable for long swims. They also have a flexible design that conforms to the shape of your face, making them a great choice for kids and adults alike. They’re available in a range of color options, including a set with photochromatic lenses that adapt to changing light conditions.