5 Cool Ways to Cool Off in the Summer With Water Playground Equipment

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5 Cool Ways to Cool Off in the Summer With Water Playground Equipment

Water play is an ideal way to keep kids cool during the summer while encouraging their natural fascination with the liquid element. It can also help them learn about science and math concepts like floating and sinking, filling and emptying, and comparative size.

Water park playground equipment adds fun and learning to any community recreational space. ADA-Accessible designs allow children of all ability levels to enjoy the water experience.

Sand and Water Tables

A sand and water table is one of the easiest ways to introduce the fun and educational benefits of sand and water play to your playground. These sensory tables are typically designed for kids and have a basin that holds sand or water, along with various accessories that children can move in and out of the container as they explore and manipulate the contents. They also encourage socialization and collaboration, which helps improve fine motor skills and fosters creative thinking.

Sand and water tables come in all shapes, sizes and themes, with some featuring unique features like waterfall compartments that let kids watch the water spill or swirl beneath them. Others may have a Ferris wheel or whirlpool that children can push toys around in to add new elements of discovery. Some have molded-in roadways, bridges and loading dock platforms for role playing or include four Ball Buddies characters (a train, dump truck, helicopter and boat) for even more exciting water play.

If you’d rather avoid the complex assembly process, consider this ready-made sand and water table for toddlers and preschoolers by Step 2. The two-tier activity center has a lazy river basin and a sand play side with a molded-in roadway for a road trip theme. Or, opt for this three-in-one water activity table with a built-in ramp and accessories that make it easy for multiple kids to play together.

Streams and Fountains

Kids love to splash around, so water playgrounds are a popular summertime activity. Unlike swimming or wading pools, these interactive water play systems provide sensory experiences without the dangers of drowning and overheating that come with traditional playground equipment. With no areas of standing water, they are a practical and affordable choice for communities seeking a fun way to cool off during hot outdoor temperatures.

From the fountains of Water Odyssey to pondless waterfalls and decorative fountains, these playful structures are ideal for adding water-driven excitement to outdoor spaces. The whirling waters are inspiring to watch, and the flowing water creates endless opportunities for children to explore the principles of cause and effect through dynamic interactive play.

With graceful designs that look inspirational even when they are standing still, these interactive water playgrounds water playground equipment feature hidden water surprises. Kids are captivated by these sculptural components, where the curving lines are the canvas for a new and imaginative way to interact with nature through water play.

Water Odyssey offers a range of standard and custom equipment for the development of aquatic playgrounds. Their specialized knowledge of water features and the playground industry allows them to produce parks that are bound by safety equipment standards for safe and inclusive play for all ages and abilities. With a variety of AquaSmart(tm) packages available, their products also include special effects, themed products and customizable options to suit unique project needs.

Inground Spray Features

Themed ground spray elements add visual impact and fun to a water play space. With a variety of nozzle shapes and sizes, misters, bubblers, spa jets, waterfall arches, rooster tails, and more create a unique play experience. Consider adding control valves for kids to turn certain elements on and off to change up the action. Inground sprays also complement other playground equipment by accenting structures and themes that are already on site.

Adding an interactive spray park to your community is a great way for everyone to cool off and have fun in the summer. Unlike swimming or wading pools, splash pads are a safe and convenient alternative that is easy to supervise and keep clean.

Water Odyssey specializes in custom and standard aquatic playground equipment that combines the fun of traditional playgrounds with the magic of water. From theme-based spray parks and fountains to multi-level climbable playground equipment, their team brings a full service approach through design, fabrication, installation and maintenance to every project.

Light commercial grade above ground spray park features are a cost-effective option for daycares, apartments, and shopping centers looking for a low liability way to beat the heat and have fun. Made from powder coated stainless steel, these elements are durable, long-lasting and designed to fit any theme.

Water Slides

Inflatable water slides provide kids with a safe and exhilarating way to play with water. They can be used in backyards, parks or at large school and company picnics. Inflatable water slides can also be stored easily when not in use.

Herbert Sellner, a man from Faribault, Minnesota, invented what would become the first water slide in 1923. His invention, which started with a ramp into a lake, allowed people to sit in sleds and glide across the water playground equipment surface of the water for up to 100 feet. The idea went over well and became a staple at amusement parks worldwide.

Some water slides have multiple levels, curves and drops which create an exhilarating ride for riders. The most basic resemble wet playground slides while others are designed with a more raft-like feel. Water slides work on a combination of three forces: gravity, friction and inertia. Gravity pulls riders down the ride while the water acts as a lubricant to reduce friction and move them quickly.

Spray parks are a great addition to any park or city landscape as they serve the needs of kids of all ages. They offer an alternative to traditional playgrounds and allow kids to experience the outdoors in a new way. They are a unique way to create water play environments as they can be designed with different areas for toddlers, preschoolers and older children to interact. They can be created with a sprinkler style (where jets of water are directed in various directions) or pool style, where a wading and splash pool is the dominant feature.