Aqua Fitness Mats – A New Way to Get Fit!


Aqua Fitness Mats – A New Way to Get Fit!

Floating fitness mats are the perfect platform for offering a full spectrum of aquatic based exercise. Whether you are using it for core strength, boot camp type workouts or for yoga & Pilates moves, these boards provide an amazing new way to get fit!

Glide Fit has spearheaded the revolution and is now bringing it to more and more fitness facilities around the country.

Floating Fitness Mat

The AQUA FITNESS MAT is the latest in water fitness, and it can be used in pools or on calm bodies of water like lakes and beaches. It allows you to combine exercise with the continual movement of water and improve balance, coordination and core strength while strengthening your body.

It’s ideal for gyms and aquatic complexes that have members who enjoy a variety of different fitness activities, including yoga, pilates and more. Instructors can use the floating mats for their classes and provide members with an exciting new way to get a full-body workout.

Unlike traditional mats, this mat can be folded up into a bag for easy storage, and it’s designed for all sorts of exercises and floor-based moves, from yoga to Pilates and even weight training. It has a high-density foam that’s soft and comfortable but sturdy enough for high-impact practices, and the antimicrobial material helps keep it clean.

At five millimeters thick, this Alo mat provides enough cushioning for a variety of poses and won’t cause wrist fatigue in positions such as downward facing dog. It also has an extremely strong grip that testers reported didn’t require a break-in period.

The Stamina Fold-to-Fit is one of the best choices for an exercise mat, as it can be set up in a single piece for a compact space and then folded down along a series of six seams to be stored in a backpack when not in use. It’s a great choice for the budget conscious because it’s very lightweight and has a high-quality, durable construction.

Another option for gyms and aquatic complexes is the Prosource Fit Puzzle mat, which is a do-it-all mat that can be set up and taken down in a few minutes. It’s also a good choice for heated classes, as it offers a bit of stickiness to help keep your weights in place.

The Solstice SolFit Inflatable Floating Yoga Board is one of the best options for fitness facilities that want to bring a variety of workouts to their pool, including yoga, meditation and core resistance band training. Multiple D-rings allow for attachment points and multiple floats enable you to switch from floating to non-floating to enhance the challenge of any class. This inflatable yoga board also comes with a hand pump and storage bag, making it an ideal choice for gyms, resorts and recreational centers that are looking to add an innovative workout program to their facility.

Floating Yoga Mat

The AQUA FITNESS MAT is a great way to add a new dimension to your workout. It is an innovative floating platform that can be used for fitness, pilates and yoga on water.

It has four anchor points to provide stability and safety during your workout. It is also extremely lightweight and can be inflated with a hand pump.

This floating mat is made of high quality nylon reinforced PVC and features double layer drop stitch technology. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced users to take their fitness routines to the next level!

Many people choose to do a lot of exercise on a fitness mat. This type of mat has a smooth surface, which is comfortable for the hands and feet. It can also be cleaned easily.

Another benefit of using a fitness mat is that it has better support, which makes the exercise more effective. It is also more durable than a yoga mat, which means it will last longer and will not break easily.

A fitness mat is usually made of rubber, polymer or AQUA FITNESS MAT neoprene. It is thicker than a yoga mat and offers more support, which is important when doing exercises that place a lot of strain on your joints and body.

There is also a special benefit to this mat, which is that it helps prevent AQUA FITNESS MAT the development of “trigger points” or “muscle knots”. Trigger points are painful hardening spots in the muscles. They can be caused by physical and mental stress.

Floating mats are often used for meditation, as well. They help to reduce stress and tension in the body, as well as improve focus and concentration. It is also a relaxing way to spend time alone or with a friend.

Some yoga mats are made of cork, which is a natural material that is anti-slip and environmentally friendly. They are often very comfortable to use and are very popular with yoga instructors.

The float mats are often available in different colors and can be customized to have your company name or logo on them. This will be a good advertising tool for your business and make people more likely to come to your yoga classes.

Floating Pilates Mat

The floating Aquafit Mat is the new kid on the block when it comes to aquatic fitness, enabling gyms, spas and recreation centres to offer a range of unique aquatic classes. The mat has a number of features, including a large inflatable center, multiple tethering points and an innovative anti-slip surface.

The best part is that the mat is easily transportable and can be set up in less than 5 minutes, making it a great choice for a busy schedule of exercise classes. The mat is made from high quality Nylon Reinforced PVC, with double layer drop stitch technology, resulting in an exceptionally rigid and sturdily constructed unit. The mat also possesses many other cool features including a multi-functional sleeve and multiple ring tying systems, providing an array of configurations for various sized participants.

AQUA FITNESS MAT is also available in a smaller version for home use. The small mat is a great way to introduce the water fitness craze into your home, allowing you to take advantage of all that is water and more. The mat is designed to stand up to the rigors of regular use and will outlast most other products. The mat is supplied with a hand pump and a storage bag, ensuring the mat remains in one piece for years to come.

There are a number of floating fitness mats on the market today, with each company promising to deliver the goods in their own special way. However, only the AQUA FITNESS MAT will be the envy of your pool mates, delivering a superior aquatic workout that is fun and rewarding for all ages and abilities.

Floating Fitness Training Mat

The AQUA FITNESS MAT is an inflatable fitness board that can be used for floating exercise and yoga on the pool. The mat has an adjustable height so that users of all ages and fitness levels can use it.

Floating on water improves your postural work, core and stabilising muscles while working your whole body. When combined with cardio it creates a HIIT workout that is fun and challenging!

It’s a great option for any aquatic facility that wants to offer more than traditional lap swims. It also provides a more dynamic and immersive experience for clients who enjoy swimming or want a more challenging, energizing and effective way to train.

This floating fitness mat is made from military grade materials that are rated for use in an aquatic setting. The mat can be set up quickly and easily, while still being durable enough to withstand daily use.

Aquatic Floating Fitness Mats are a great way for a variety of fitness classes to be taught in the water, including yoga and pilates. They can be used by both children and adults, so they are a great option for any aquatic facility that needs to offer more than traditional lap swims.

These floating fitness mats have been a huge success at facilities all over the country. Glide Fit has been at the forefront of this revolution with a high quality board and comprehensive programming that combines yoga, HIIT, core strength and cool down exercises for the ultimate float workout.

The FITMAT is a patented floating fitness training platform that can hold in excess of 400 pounds without compromising its integrity. It is a stable and durable floating platform that can be used in one-on-one or group settings.

It can be set up and disassembled in minutes and a convenient carrying handle makes it easy to transport. The FITMAT is ideal for both pools and lakes.

Using an AQUA FITMAT in rehabilitation is a great way to rebuild proprioception and kinesthetic awareness that can be lost due to an injury. Hydro exercises can be a great way to regain range of motion, as they are not fighting gravity and are easier on joints than many other exercise modalities.