Cartridge Capper

Cartridge Capper

Cartridge capping machines are a great way to increase cartridge capper your production without increasing labor costs. They help you achieve your daily production goals and grow your business.

They use chutes or elevators to dispense caps onto containers as they pass by under the machine. They can be semi-automatic or fully automated and run a variety of cap sizes and types.

MonoBlox Product Suite

The capper is part of a full product suite which includes the MonoBlox and the MonoTray. The combination of a rinser, filler, and screw capper in a single machine delivers top efficiency with substantial cost and space savings.

The workhorse of mobile large screen projection. AV Stumpfl’s Monoblox folding portable projection screens wow audiences all over the best cartridge filling machine world with their sophisticated mobility, low total cost of ownership and Austrian manufacturing precision. The time-tested aluminum frame with snap joints is made of one piece so that individual parts cannot get lost or mixed up – especially important for rental and staging companies.

The complete MONOBLOX 64 system consists of frame, AT 32/64-legs, projection screen and bag. The PVC surfaces are available in various designs and sizes – from standard front and rear projection to special applications like stereoscopic projection.

FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper

Our VFC-100 provides the ideal combination of filling accuracy and capping efficiency in a compact, all-electric package. This machine features a new fill head design that can quickly and accurately fill a bottle from 360 degrees, removing air bubbles and priming the cartridge wick for immediate capping. It also has the option for upstream or downstream automation and can be used with most any filler system. The FC100 is in stock now at Technical Packaging Systems and includes 30 filling valves and 10 capping heads, an enclosure with poly doors, wash rings and one set of customer bottle-handling change parts. Contact us for more information about this Federal 30-head monobloc filler-capper. This model is designed for 38mm caps. This machine has a quick 8-12 week lead time.


EFI’s PrintFlow Dynamic Scheduling capability uses production logic and business rules to optimise workflow. If a job requires multiple outputs, the jobs are scheduled to be run on different machines based on the equipment that will be available at each point in time. Examples of production rules are very obvious – a colour job is not run on a mono press; while business rules can take into account factors like parallel cost centre load balancing and employee skill sets.