Choosing a Green Tea Flavor

Choosing a Green Tea Flavor

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If you are into the flavor of green tea, then there are a lot of choices available for you to choose from. There are different types of matcha that you can purchase including shincha, genmaicha and hojicha. You can also buy a tea called supreme matcha green tea from Pukka.

Jade Drew

A jade coloured gin based cocktail can be a refreshing respite on a sweltering summer’s day. However, with its fair share of health hazards, it is time to make the switch. Jade branded gins come in many forms and sizes, so picking the best is half the battle. It is a good idea to consult a few tea savvy friends and relatives. This helps ensure a smooth transition from booze to brew. The key is to have a well thought out schedule and a solid backup plan. Luckily for you, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable team of tea experts will be more than happy to advise you. In short, you’ll be on your way to a well stocked tea closet in no time. With your newfound tea knowledge, you are well on your way to a healthier you. Of course, no matter which you decide on, you’ll be sure to find the sexiest mates on your tea tray. Those that aren’t as picky as you are may be more inclined to find a nice mate.

Gu Zhang Mao Jian

The Gu Zhang Mao Jian is a tea produced in the Wuling mountains of Guzhang county in Hunan province. It has a long history and is also a regional specialty. Aside from its health benefits, the beverage boasts a number of interesting features.

One of the more interesting facts about this tea is that it only has about ten harvests a year. The leaves are so small and the buds so delicate that they can only be harvested on a handful of days each year. As a result, the leaves yield a drink with a flowery and jade-colored liquor.

This green tea has been known to drinkers since ancient times. Although its production is limited, the quality of its leaves has been unmatched. Among the top teas produced in China, the Gu Zhang is one of the few that have earned a spot in the annals of tea history. If you have never had a mug of this brew, it is time to get on the bandwagon.

The Gu Zhang has been around for over two thousand years. There is a reason it is referred to as the mother of all teas. It has a storied history that is both fascinating and engrossing.


If you are looking for a new tea that offers a different flavor than your standard green teas, try Genmaicha. It has a slightly sweet taste that is a blend of roasted brown rice and sencha green tea. You can even add matcha powder to your brew for an extra layer of flavor.

Genmaicha has a rich history, and many legends suggest it was created by Buddhist monks. They mixed roasted rice with green tea to create a drink that would fill a person up more easily. Unlike some of the other green teas, it was cheaper, which made it more popular.

It is a great tea to have during the afternoon or at the end of the day. Its unique flavor makes it a wonderful drink to enjoy. The tea has a nutty, toasty aroma that will help to soothe your stomach.

Genmaicha green tea is a popular choice among people who like a hint of sweetness in their tea. You can enjoy a cup of genmaicha hot or cold. Genmaicha is a good choice for breakfast as well. Adding a touch of ice to the brew will make it refreshing.

Genmaicha has a nutty taste, and a rich mouthfeel. You can find it in a variety of blends. One popular blend is made with short-grain white rice. Another, known as matcha genmaicha, is made with a combination of toasted rice and matcha powder. Matcha genmaicha is a more potent blend and will give your tea an even more vibrant green color.


If you’re looking for a roasted green tea flavor, Hojicha may be the perfect option for you. It has green tea flavor an earthy, nutty aroma and taste. This type of tea is known for having low caffeine, but still contains enough to provide an enjoyable afternoon drink.

You can find Hojicha in loose leaf form, as well as powdered form. While Hojicha has a strong roasted flavor, it isn’t overly bitter. That makes it ideal for use as a food flavor, as well as a tea.

In addition to being a great drink, Hojicha can be used in a number of sweet dishes. For instance, it can be added to a banana banoffee pie. It’s also perfect for adding to lattes.

To create Hojicha, you need to roast the tea leaves. The process gives it a smoky, nutty flavor and a light caramel aroma. This roasting process also helps to remove the bitterness.

When you are brewing your Hojicha, it is important to choose a temperature of about 180degF. You can also add cinnamon to your drink.

If you are making a drink with cinnamon, you will want to reduce the amount of hot water you use. Generally, you should only use about three minutes for a cup of Hojicha latte.


One of the most unique Japanese teas is Shincha. The name literally translates to “new tea”. It is the first pick of the year.

It’s a sweet, aromatic tea with a grassy flavor. It’s a special delicacy during the spring harvest.

The tea’s unique flavor comes from its chemical makeup. This includes amino acids that give it its characteristic sweetness. In addition, shincha contains nutrients and antioxidants.

The tea’s astringency is mild. When fresh, it has an aroma of fresh rain in green forests. As the leaves age, the aroma becomes stronger and the flavor more complex.

Shincha is made from a plant called Camellia sinensis. The leaves are lightly steamed to preserve the fresh flavor and crisp floral notes.

Although it is a popular green tea, shincha is very limited in supply. It is only harvested in a few months of the year. This makes it more expensive. But it’s not impossible to buy it. Modern shipping methods allow you to drink shincha from anywhere in the world.

Aside from its great taste, shincha is also a very nutritious tea. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. If you’re interested in trying a new green tea, Shincha is a good choice.

Supreme Matcha Green Tea from Pukka

Pukka is a UK-based company that produces an array of high-quality, organic herbal teas. The company also uses sustainable materials in its packaging. For example, its boxes are adorned with recyclable cards and string, and are packed with renewable energy.

The Pukka name is synonymous with the best in class herbal teas, but it has ventured into other areas as well. Some of its more recent efforts include a matcha tea that is worthy of its name.

The tea is made from the finest matcha leaves harvested from Japan. It is ground to a powder using a granite stone, then brewed with hot water. This process is done in the dark to protect the delicate green tea leaves. Matcha has also been found to burn fat four times faster than the average green tea.

Aside from being a healthy beverage, it is also a fun way to unwind. For a first time tea drinker, it can be a real treat. After all, it’s not every day you get to enjoy a fancy beverage that has been handcrafted in a Japanese tea house. Luckily, Pukka makes it possible.

While it isn’t the first place to go for a drinkable bauble, the Beverage Flavours Pukka matcha line is a worthwhile addition to your diet.

Tetley’s take on matcha

If you’re looking for a great-tasting, all-natural way to boost your energy, consider buying Tetley’s take on matcha green tea. It’s made from the freshest, youngest tea leaves, and delivers the benefits you expect from green tea in a smooth, mellow flavor. Plus, it comes in flavors like jasmine and hibiscus, so you can customize your taste to suit your tastes.

In addition to the usual ingredients, Tetley’s take on matcha includes EGCG, an amino acid that is known to promote focus and increase productivity. The company uses the traditional Japanese method of making the tea.

The company also says that the tea has a natural aroma and taste. To help maintain its freshness, it is stored in a cool, dry place. However, pregnant women and people with medical conditions should avoid this beverage.

Tetley’s take on matcha also contains naturally occurring caffeine. A cup of the drink will contain about 15-34 milligrams of the brew’s caffeine. This amount varies depending on how much of the tea is used. Also, the age of the tea leaf may affect the amount of caffeine contained.

The company also claims that Tetley’s take on matcha is made with the purest, high-grade tea leaves. These include the Vahdam Himalayan Green Tea Leaves, which have a sweet, vegetal taste. They are also sourced from Uji, Nishio, and Shizuoka, Japan.