Commercial Cone Filling Machine

commercial cone filling machine

Commercial Cone Filling Machine

Commercial cone filling machine allows businesses to mass produce high-quality, consistent cones at a fast rate. These machines can save money on labor and produce a more consistent cone than manual methods.

They come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate many different types of pre-roll cones. These machines work by combining vibration and a conveyor system.


Speed is an important factor in the efficiency of a commercial cone filling machine. However, it is not the only metric to consider. Labor and workflow also play a role in the effectiveness of a machine. For example, a machine that claims high instantaneous speeds may require more attentive labor and result in less accuracy than fully automated alternatives. For example, Futurola Knockbox, which can fill up to 100 cones in two minutes, requires an operator to load and twist each cone before it runs. Similarly, an operator needs to close the cones with a Dutch crown device after the machine is finished.

A new high-capacity cone filling machine that was recently launched by US-based GreenBroz combines inline automation with improved throughput and precision. The Holy Roller can handle 3,000 pre-rolls per hour, and is claimed to produce more precise results than existing machines. This is due to a combination of factors, including the addition of a fine fill station and an active weighing system that lifts each cone out of the holder and weighs it independently before “fine filling” to within.001 of a gram.

This innovative technology was designed to maximize productivity and minimize labor costs. It works by using a proprietary smart density software to calculate target weights, and enables users to fill and pack more efficiently with fewer errors. The machine also reduces training time and saves space by eliminating the need for a separate machine to measure the weight of each cone.


A commercial cone filling machine can increase production capacity without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Its ability to deliver consistent products at a high volume is the key to success in today’s market. The machine’s capacity is defined by the amount of product that can be filled and rolled in one cycle. A high capacity allows businesses to meet their target markets and maximize profits.

The capacity of a cone filling machine can be impacted by the suspension system, which is the component that holds the coil in place. It can be made of rubber, polyester foam, or a ring of corrugated paper. It also can be affected by its shape, material, and treatment. The resulting suspension design determines the overall acoustic output of the driver.

In addition to the speed of a cone filling machine, it also needs to be able to close cones at a rapid rate. This process is typically a manual task, and can commercial cone filling machine take anywhere from 5-10 seconds to complete each joint. Fortunately, there are add-ons that can help make the process faster and more efficient.

One such add-on is the Dutch crown device, which can close up to 100 pre-rolled cones in less than two minutes. The device is an excellent option for dispensaries that need to accelerate production and save time on manual labor.


The capacity of a pre-roll cone filling machine affects its speed and efficiency. A single person can only fill about 100 cones in one minute, and this process takes up a lot of time. However, adding more stations to the machine can dramatically reduce the time required for each cone. The Knockbox 3/100 is an excellent example of this.

These compact vibrating machines use gravity and vibration to pack cones quickly and precisely. They can accommodate cones of all sizes, from 84 millimeters to 109 millimeters. They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to commercial cone filling machine operate. New employees can learn to use them in minutes, making it a cost-effective way to mass produce cones.

A pre-roll cone filling machine must be capable of handling a wide range of sized cones in order to work properly. Most companies sell a variety of plate options, so that users can find the right size for their products. A quality plate will include a sifting screen and tamping tool, which will help to achieve a tight, consistent pack.

US-based GreenBroz has unveiled a high-capacity cone filling machine called Holy Roller that can produce 3,000 cones an hour. The company says the machine has a higher density tolerance than other models on the market and offers a much faster output rate. The machine is currently in production, with the first batch of units expected to be delivered this fall.


A commercial cone filling machine offers a number of benefits to cannabis businesses. It reduces the amount of time needed to produce cones, increases the quantity of cones produced, and saves on labor costs. This makes the machine a worthwhile investment for any business that wants to improve efficiency and profitability.

Cone filling machines can also help improve the consistency of pre-rolls, which can make a huge difference in the quality of your product. By using a cone filling machine, you can eliminate inconsistencies that occur when producing joints manually. Moreover, a cone filling machine can increase the production speed and reduce the overall cost of producing a certain amount of pre-rolls.

If you are looking for a cone filling machine for your marijuana company, you can choose from a variety of different types and sizes. For example, the Futurola Knockbox can fill 100 cones in just two minutes. The device is easy to operate and features a spill tray that collects the residual herb.

Another option is a volumetric pre-roll machine, which uses motorized vibration to fill upright cones with cannabis. These machines are ideal for small and medium-sized cannabis establishments, as they are affordable and offer the same speed as larger cone filling machines. These devices can also accommodate a wide range of cone sizes and are suitable for both rolled and unrolled products.