Commercial Water Play Equipment

commercial water play equipment

Commercial Water Play Equipment

Water play equipment is a great way to attract families, as well as promote healthy physical activity in children. In addition, it also helps children develop a variety of new skills.

Aquatix designs and builds interactive water park playground equipment and spray features. They offer an array of above commercial water play equipment ground and ground spray features including jets, bubblers, geysers, water tunnels, side wall streams, spray rings and more.

Water Slides

Water slides are a staple of many parks and provide thrills for all ages. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, including body, tunnel, inner tube and raft slides. Some have steep slopes to increase speed, while others have curved sides to add inertia-based changes in direction.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can’t resist the excitement of riding a water slide. Water slides are a great way to cool off in the summer and have fun outdoors with your family. These inflatables are easy to set up and can be inflated in less than a minute. They are also portable and can be used anywhere, even in the backyard.

While each ride works a bit differently, all water slides use the same basic principles of fluid mechanics. Friction causes the riders to slow down, but a layer of water reduces friction, speeding them down. Gravity pulls them down the ride, and inertia forces them to resist changes in movement. Some rides incorporate all three of these forces, making them more thrilling than others. When using a water slide, always hose it down before and after each use to remove any mud or debris that has accumulated on the base. This prevents punctures and scratches on the surface and helps prolong its life.

Dump Buckets

A simple yet irresistible aquatic play element, dump buckets are a blast of fun that entice children to try their hand at the impossible: getting their hands completely full of water. With billions of bubbles tickling their sides and adding suspense, kids are in awe of this seemingly magic act. Designed to encourage interactive water park and splash pad experiences, these playful pieces offer the ultimate cooling experience for hot, summery days.

Unlike standard buckets that require the loader crowd action to tip and empty, high dump buckets have two hydraulic cylinders mounted on their toe. This allows the bucket to self-tip and dump materials, reducing excess loader movement and time lost to changing positions and manual handling of materials.

High dump buckets can be fitted with either center or side-mounted cylinders, each offering different capabilities and operational advantages. The location of the cylinders also affects how the bucket tilts and dumps. For example, center-mounted cylinders enable the bucket to reach up over trucks and feed mixers to dump material directly into them. Alternatively, side-mounted cylinders allow the bucket to be pulled beside vehicles or trenches without obstructing traffic.

Virnig offers a wide range of high dump buckets in various capacities to suit different loader models and job requirements. All feature a replaceable bolt-on cutting edge and grease able pivot points to prevent wear and tear. They are available in left or right-hand dumping design, and can be ordered with a center-mounted lift hook for ease of operation.

Ground Sprays

Designed for children of all ages and abilities, these simple in-ground spray elements are a popular feature on splash pads. They come in a wide range of designs commercial water play equipment from bubblers, rooster tails, fans, and water tunnels. Some are interactive requiring users to crank, turn, or rock a toy in order to generate a spray display. Others are passive and offer a soothing mist to cool park goers on hot days.

These above ground fountains are constructed of light commercial grade materials for a low liability way to beat the heat. Available in a variety of themes, these colorful and economical splash pad elements add visual excitement to any project.

For more robust aquatic play, consider a full-scale water park. These larger facilities naturally separate kids by age while offering a wide variety of activities to keep young and old alike entertained for hours. They can even include a slide and other traditional play structures to appeal to older kids and teens.

These exciting water playgrounds will draw families to parks, town centers, and entertainment centers. They can even provide revenue through food, drink, and ice cream sales as businesses located in close proximity to the facility will benefit from increased traffic. They will keep families coming back year after year to beat the summer heat and have fun with their kids.