Cone Filling Machines

cone filling machines

Cone Filling Machines

Whether you’re an established cannabis brand looking to improve your cone filling process or a start-up preparing for launch, choosing the right pre-roll machine is essential. The best cone filling machines offer a variety of features to help you achieve the perfect pre-roll.

One of the biggest bottlenecks when producing cones is loading them into the machine. This is where adding a cone loader can drastically reduce the downtime and increase your efficiency.

The STM Canna RocketBox 2.0

The RocketBox 2.0 was designed to maximize pre-roll production and significantly decrease labor costs. The machine can produce 453 pre-rolls in a single cycle, allowing the user to easily keep up with demand. This is the most sophisticated commercial pre-roll machine on the market.

It features a simple user interface that allows you to input your desired pre-roll size and target weight. The software will then display a suggested target density that will achieve the highest success rate. This step eliminates guesswork and reduces manual fixes during the production process. The RocketBox 2.0 is also 51% faster than its closest competitor.

Infused pre rolls can be challenging to create, but the RocketBox can help you achieve your ideal results. The machine is capable of creating a uniform distribution of cannabis and infusion materials within the pre-roll. This will ensure that every pre-roll has the desired dosage and flavor.

RocketBox 2.0 is also much easier to use than previous versions. The touch screen has been improved cone filling machines and moved to a more user-friendly location. This will allow you to get up and running with your new machine much faster.

The RocketBox 2.0 is the ultimate solution for any business looking to level up their pre-roll production operation. With unparalleled efficiency, adaptability, and quality, it’s the clear choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations in 2023.

The JuanaRoll

With the JuanaRoll, you can produce pre-rolled cones faster than ever before. The high-performance machine is designed to automatically weigh, fill, compact, and twist up to 4,000 pre-rolled cones an hour. It’s easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it eliminates labor costs and improves consistency.

Unlike traditional vibration pre-roll machines that collect and pack the flowers into a joint, the JuanaRoll packs its products using a vibrating system. This method helps to prevent air pockets and ensures that the finished product has a clean, tight wrap. The machine also has a sifter attachment to remove any unwanted materials from the joint.

Another great feature of the JuanaRoll is its ability to automatically calibrate itself for different sizes of cones. Its advanced PLC and HMI control panel provides real-time cone filling machines production reporting. This information can be viewed via an on-screen display or exported to a USB.

The TPH 512 pre-roll cone filling machine is made from heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel. It has a low maintenance cost and is easy to clean with boiling water and an ethanol cleaning solution. The TPH 512 has a small footprint, making it a good choice for medium-scale cultivation. It can produce up to 453 pre-roll cones per cycle and has a variety of customization options, including an optional drop box and cone plate.

The Knockbox 3/100

The Knockbox 3/100 builds on the enormous popularity of Futurola’s first two Knockbox commercial automatic joint rollers to reliably create premium joints packed at just the right consistency; not too tight, not too loose. It can easily convert raw flower into thousands of pre rolls in a typical day’s work. The KB300 is compatible with all of the standard cone sizes (King, Slim, and 1 1/4) and can even accommodate Reefer and Fatboy size cones with the addition of a conversion kit.

Enhance your cone production capabilities with a variety of helpful Futurola add-ons and accessories. For instance, the KB300 features a spill tray that captures any excess material or spills, eliminating waste and ensuring a more efficient and accurate production process. The KB300 also offers a Dutch Crown Device that closes the top of filled cones, allowing you to turn your freshly-filled pre-rolls into a finished product in under 10 seconds.

In addition to streamlining the cone production process, these Futurola add-ons and accessorys are also designed to protect your investment and increase the longevity of the machine. For example, a protective carry case provides storage for your KB300 when not in use. Other useful accessories include Futurola Cone Lock Storage Tubes, which allow you to color-code menus and keep cones fresh for a long time.

The Futurola Knockbox

The Futurola Knockbox is a powerful, dependable pre-roll machine that can fill 100 cones in just two minutes. This improvement on the original wildly popular Knockbox commercial pre roll machine reliably produces quality joints packed at just the right consistency; not too tight, not too loose. Whether your customers prefer Slim, King Size or 1 1/4″ pre-rolled cones, the Futurola Knockbox can handle them all.

This pre-roll production machine includes a variety of accessories and attachments designed to improve efficiency, accuracy and overall output. The included mix tray enables seamless distribution and reduces the amount of time required to load the cones into the machine, saving your team valuable resources.

For precise cone filling, the Knockbox uses a versatile fill kit that ensures consistent, accurate volume with each use. The kit is compatible with various sizes of pre-rolled cones, allowing businesses to accommodate an assortment of customer preferences while also maximizing the potential for profit.

Additionally, the Knockbox can be used with Futurola’s child-resistant storage tubes to complete each cone for an ideal package that’s safe to travel and transport. These tubes are color-coded and feature strain-specific caps that make it easy for patients, consumers and legal medical cultivators to easily identify their desired product and keep all of their favorite strains organized for their next trip.