Different Types of Ice Pop Packaging

ice pop packaging

Different Types of Ice Pop Packaging

Ice pops are enjoying a revival on the artisan food scene. You can find any number of creations from avocado tamarind chili to strawberry bourbon.

Epperson patented his frozen treat in 1924, and the name “Popsicle” has come to mean any type of frozen pop. Unilever even bought out Good Humor to protect the iconic name.

All Natural

All natural ice pops are made with whole fruits, juices or other natural ingredients and lack the addition of sugars or preservatives. These frozen treats are sought after by weight loss, health or diet conscious consumers who want to avoid conventional processed ingredients. This type of ice pop also requires additional ingredients such as fats and proteins to help the treat hold its shape.

These types of ice pops are typically more expensive to produce than traditional varieties because they require extra machinery to help bind the ingredients together. They must also be stored at a lower temperature to ensure their stability and texture. All natural ice pops must be carefully monitored during production and storage to ensure they don’t spoil or develop cracks in their shell.

Frozen fruit purees or juices are the most common ingredients in all natural ice pops, but they can be substituted for other liquids such liquid packing machine as water, lemonade, kombucha or even milk. Adding honey or maple syrup to the mix will sweeten these treats without the use of artificial sweeteners, and using fresh ingredients will keep your product healthier than store-bought freezer pops that can contain high levels of added sugar and other questionable preservatives.

Typical freezer pops contain artificial preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate to preserve the food’s flavor, but these chemicals are not safe for some people. Many of the ingredients used in all natural ice pops are also highly processed, including gums and thickeners such as locust bean gum, guar gum, and carboxy methyl cellulose.

Low Carbohydrate

If your business is interested in a diversified market, low carbohydrate ice pops may be for you. They are produced without the addition of ordinary sugars and instead use alternative sweeteners to maintain a flavorful experience for diet conscious consumers. This type of ice pop can also be lactose free to appeal to those who cannot comfortably digest dairy products such as milk, cheese and cream. While the production requires a little more attention to details, this product can tap into a very profitable dietary niche. Moreover, the machinery needed to produce this ice pop is quite similar to that used for traditional ice pops and does not require a costly investment in new equipment or special molds.

Another popular type of ice pop is the marbled variety, a mixture of flavors and fruit pulps frozen together to produce an effect that resembles marble. These types of ice pops are very appealing to the eye and can be produced with the same machinery used for traditional ice pops.


A marbled ice pop is a delicious way to chill your drinks. These ice cubes are made of natural white or dark marble and are very versatile. They can be used in cocktails, sodas, and even whiskey. They are also great for chilling drinks over a long period of time without diluting them. They are sold in a box with six cubes, either white or dark.

This ice pop is a great option for those who are lactose intolerant. It is a combination of strawberries and coconut milk that is blended and lightly mixed to create a marbled effect. The recipe is easy to follow and the finished product is tasty and healthy. This frozen treat is a great way to make use of seasonal fruits and can be used by children as well.

To prepare the ice pops, combine the yogurt and honey in a blender and whirl until smooth. Pour a little of the mixture into each mold and freeze for about a half hour. Add the berries and swirl with a skewer, then add more of the yogurt mixture and continue to freeze until solid.

To remove the ice pops, run them under warm water briefly, being careful not to get the stick end wet. This will loosen the ice pops and allow them to slide out of the molds.

Adults Only

Ice pops are a great way to cool down, treat yourself, and indulge in a childhood favorite with a fun adult twist. From sweet and creamy to boozy popsicles that add a Jelly Packing Machine touch of sophistication to any gathering. You can even create a poptail to take your cocktail game to the next level!

These frozen treats are the perfect addition to a party or you can just keep them all for yourself (we won’t tell). The trick is to choose the right recipe. Make sophisticated, fancied-up pops with slices of real fruit for a dinner party or a spirit-infused version for an outdoor cocktail party.

Founded in 2019, TopPop capitalizes on the growing trend of adult ice pops by selling its 2-oz drinks in RTF flexible-film sachets and stand-up pouches at its factory in Marlton, NJ. Martin says the company started with two eight-lane vertical f/f/s machines that were easily changed over to run different sizes of products, and it has since doubled production capacity to 150 million ice pops a year. The company also produces juice and water beverages in a wide range of flexible-film formats.