Eco Friendly Phone Cases

eco friendly phone cases

Eco Friendly Phone Cases

If you’re looking to switch from your plastic phone case to a sustainable model, there are several options available. These eco friendly phone cases are made from a variety of materials and are either 100% compostable or recycled when you’re ready to change them.

This option from Pela is made from their signature Flaxstic material and is compostable when you’re ready to upgrade. It also provides great protection against drops and scratches.


The Mojave Collection by EcoBlvd is a sustainable iPhone case made from CornBo material, a combination of corn and bamboo that is inherently durable. It also meets the EN13432 standard for industrial or home composting, meaning you can toss it in your garden and expect it to break down in six months or less. The company uses sustainable practices throughout the process, from manufacturing to shipping. Their packaging is FSC certified and made from recycled paper from ethical suppliers. They support NGOs like Mission Blue, which helps conserve ocean biodiversity.

Another sustainable phone case is Popsicase’s made-to-order cases. Designed to fit iPhone 11-14 Pro Max, they are lightweight, shock-absorbing and come in a variety of designs, from earth-inspired patterns to geometric shapes. They also offer a recycling program for their products, and every purchase plants a tree through American Forests.

Reveal is a sustainable tech brand with a mission to change the world through sustainable and socially responsible design. They create sustainable Bluetooth speakers, bamboo laptop keyboards and carbon-fiber phones. They use natural materials that are BPA-free and recyclable, and plant a tree for every product sold.


CASETiFY is a popular tech accessories brand that has a strong focus on personalization. It offers a wide selection of cases, including eco-friendly options, and can be customized with initials or text. The company has also collaborated with several brands and artists, including Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, and BlackPink.

The brand was originally founded on the idea of turning Instagram photos into phone cases, but has since eco friendly phone cases diversified to offer a variety of other products. They’ve tapped into the millennial aesthetic by working with brands, designing exclusive vegan leather products, and tapping into cool collaborations.

Their products are designed with sustainability in mind, and most of them are compostable. In addition, their packaging is made from 40% plant-based materials. They also have a recycling program called Re/CASETiFY that allows customers to send back their old cases for store credit.

For fans of The Office, CASETiFY has recently launched a line of iPhone 14 cases featuring the iconic Dunder Mifflin imagery. The cases are available now and come in a range of colors. They’re slim, lightweight, and wireless charging compatible.


If you upgrade your phone frequently, you’ll want to consider buying an eco friendly iPhone case made from organic materials. This way, you won’t have to waste a new case each time you switch models or break your old one. eco friendly phone cases These cases are designed to last a long time and are more sustainable than getting a new plastic case every year.

Look for a case that is both biodegradable and compostable. The best ones will be made from a purely natural material, such as bamboo. Look for bamboo that isn’t sourced from plantation forests, as this can lead to the endangerment of endangered animals. Instead, look for bamboo that is sourced from reclaimed lumber or from storm-damaged trees.

Aside from using recycled and organic materials, this company also uses closed-loop production in a local factory that reuses water and runs on solar energy. They have a wide selection of designs that combine tech and nature, including those with tight-fitting padding for enhanced impact protection. They also provide a raised frame to protect your display and camera.

Native Union

For those who want to make an eco friendly statement with their tech accessories, Native Union offers a variety of options. The brand is known for its sleek designs and excellent craftsmanship. Their products are designed with Apple technology in mind, and they offer a range of different options to fit your needs. From chargers to cases, Native Union has it all.

Their leather products feature a premium construction and are emblazoned with Maison Kitsune’s signature fox logo. They also have a MagSafe-friendly case made of Yatay, a plant-based material that looks like leather. Its subtle texture adds a nice touch, and it will patina with time.

The company’s products are designed to be durable and are backed by a warranty. If your product is damaged, you can contact the customer service team to get a replacement. This process may require you to ship the item back to the manufacturer, which will be at your expense. The company’s return policies are outlined in the warranty terms and conditions. Glass Domain suppliers have a large selection of Native Union products, so you can find the one that’s right for you.