Energy Efficient Home Improvements With Window Film

Energy Efficient Home Improvements With Window Film

Window film is one of the quickest and simplest energy control measures available. It reduces glare and helps to keep the temperature even throughout your building.

Installing window film is simple and requires no tools other than a pair of scissors and a water bottle. Simply remove the backing, spritz the glass and film with water, and apply with a squeegee.

Energy Efficiency

Window film reduces solar heat gain, aiding cooling systems to operate more efficiently, thus lowering energy costs. It also blocks the fading and discoloration caused by UV radiation on carpet, drapery, and furniture. It is not uncommon to see savings of 30% or more on utility bills after the installation of architectural window films.

The thermal benefits of window film can help you qualify for ENERGY xygraphic pvc film STAR ratings or LEED certifications. In fact, 3M’s non-metalized window film has been listed on the Green Proving Ground program which is designed to identify and vet emerging technologies that can help make buildings more sustainable, resilient, and beautiful.

Most architectural window films are made with a clear polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) construction and have a scratch resistant coating on the surface for protection. Decorative and security window films are available that reflect or absorb light to create frosted, etched glass or other visual effects.

In summer, window film substantially reduces solar heat to keep your building cool without the use of mechanical air conditioning. Additionally, it helps prevent hot spots and glare. It is estimated that the average home’s windows allow for 70% of unwanted heat gain. This is true in homes and offices that have large floor to ceiling windows, and even more so for those with single pane or old double-pane windows. Window film can be installed on either the interior or exterior of a building. It also works with multi-pane windows and will not cause fogging or condensation between the panes of glass.


Security film helps protect homes and businesses against severe weather such as hurricanes and earthquakes. The film holds glass in place and helps to keep dangerous shards from flying around, reducing injuries and property damage. Window film can also help to keep the wind and rain out, which reduces air conditioning costs in warmer months.

Window film is great for those who are renting a home or office space because it can be removed easily and won’t forfeit your deposit when you move. Window film is also a good option for those who are concerned about break-ins and crime because it makes the windows stronger and more difficult to smash through.

Many companies claim that security window film can Glass Window Film withstand things like hurricanes and bullets, but these claims are typically only made for specific types of glass and window films with a specific thickness. The reality is that any force strong enough to shatter standard glass can also shatter window film. Security level window film can however, reduce injury and property damage by holding the glass fragments together after a window is broken.

Window film is available in a wide variety of options and can be (nearly) invisible or more opaque depending on your needs. There are even options that can reduce UV rays, helping to keep interiors cooler and protecting furnishings from sun damage.


Privacy is a crucial part of your life, and window film provides an extra layer of protection for your home. The films are available in a variety of opacity levels that allow light into the home while keeping out unwanted views. They also help reduce the glare that can hurt eyes and cause headaches. Window film can also add a decorative appearance to glass surfaces, which is great for homes that have older windows and doors. It can give them a fresh look and conceal items on display like kitchen cabinets or bathroom fixtures.

Window film offers safety benefits that can protect your family and staff members in the event of a break-in. It helps hold shattered glass together, which makes it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry into your home or office. Window film with a high safety rating can also protect occupants from flying glass during severe weather conditions.

Window films block 99 percent of harmful UV rays, which can cause skin cancer and premature aging. They also protect interior furnishings, fabrics and carpets from fading caused by the sun. By doing so, the window film helps to extend the acceptable life of these materials by up to 3-500%. It can also help your business qualify for LEED credits. Replacing residential or commercial windows can cost thousands, but window film installation is a fraction of the price with a much faster payback.


Window film creates a consistent appearance that enhances the aesthetic of your building. It also helps to protect furnishings and artwork from fading caused by harmful UV rays, which can significantly extend the life of your belongings. Finally, the film will help to hold shattered glass in place after a break, increasing safety for your building occupants.

Decorative window film is available in various styles, patterns, textures, and opacity options. For example, frosted window film is ideal for washrooms and cubicle areas and is designed to offer privacy without deviating from the design of your office or home. Other options include etched window film that can mimic the look of intricate etchings, stained glass or windows, and specialty designs.

There are even options that incorporate a color element to your flat glass window film, which can add a more decorative touch or accentuate the natural light in a room. There are also gradient window film options that offer the ability to transform the opacity of your flat glass windows in both a subtle and eye-catching way.

Whether you want to elevate your business’s brand with logo graphics, promote safety with distraction bands, or simply enhance the interior aesthetics of your home or workspace, 3M Fasara window films are a versatile and cost-effective option. The Tint Guy, Atlanta’s premier tinting company, is proud to carry a wide variety of these high-quality decorative window films and can help you choose the perfect options for your property.