How to Choose the Right Hand Pallet Truck

How to Choose the Right Hand Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks allow businesses to effectively transport rough wooden platforms known as pallets or skids. They’re ideal for warehouses or areas that aren’t large enough to accommodate larger materials handling equipment or forklifts.

Independent researchers tested 17 different hand pallet models, handling loads of 500kg and 2000kg. They found that most failed to meet UK regulations.


Whether your employees are using hand pallets or forklifts, they must be fully trained to use them correctly. Failure to do so can lead to a variety of injuries, including crushed fingers and toes. It can also result in thousands of dollars in fines for your company. This is why it’s so important to make safety the top priority of any warehouse operation.

There are many ways to improve safety when using hand pallets, but the most important is to have proper training. Proper training can reduce accidents, which can save your business time and money. It can also prevent serious injury to your employees and reduce your insurance costs.

Hand pallet trucks have a number of safety features that make them safer to use than forklifts. For example, they can be operated by an operator wearing safety shoes. They also have a 24-volt power system that lifts and moves the load with minimal effort, allowing the operator to focus on steering. Additionally, a hand pallet truck’s regenerative braking system can stop the movement quickly and uses reclaimed energy to extend battery life.

When moving a loaded pallet truck, always stand behind the handle and use both hands to control it. Never place any body parts underneath the hand pallet load, and only move the pallet jack by pushing it, not pulling it. If you’re going up an incline, be sure to keep the load in front of you, and don’t turn corners at high speeds. Always plan your route ahead of time and remove any obstacles from the path.


A hand pallet is an efficient way to move loads of products between warehouse storage areas and production floors. They also provide excellent maneuverability in tight spaces that may not be suitable for larger materials handling equipment or forklifts. This simple device has been used for decades to reduce the need for heavy manual lifting and enables employees to work more efficiently. To maximize the efficiency of a hand pallet, choose one that is compatible with your specific load size and application.

For example, a premium Hyster hand pallet with powered scissor lift can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to manually raise and lower a load with the handle. This feature is particularly useful when working with containers or forklifts that require frequent variable lift heights. This model also features entry/exit rollers, a quick lift function for loads up to 150kg, and a metal chassis.

Another way to maximize the efficiency of a hand pallet is to choose one with an integrated weighing system. This will allow you to weigh your cargo instantly after loading. This will save you time, labor, and resources. Additionally, you can also choose a model that features a dual-fork system. This will let you double your productivity, making it possible to move two pallets at once. You can also find models with different wheel types, including poly wheels and nylon, which offer superior operation on surfaces such as mezzanine floors.


A hand pallet is a simple device that makes it possible to transport heavy loads over short distances without the use of a forklift. It consists of a set of blades that can be lowered into the open area of a standard pallet and gently lifted to transport it over a short distance. Its small size means it can easily maneuver through narrow aisles or tight lorry loading areas. Its simple design also allows it to be operated by a person with little or no training.

Most hand pallets are made of steel for normal industrial use, but some can be made of stainless steel for wet or corrosive environments. They are lifting equipment manufacturer usually shaped to fit a standard 48” x 40” pallet. They can also be equipped with a weigh scale for precise and mobile load weighing.

The basic hand pallet truck is easy to operate. The handle and control lever are used to manually move the steer wheels and control the lift and lowering of the forks. By squeezing the handle, the forks can be lowered to a position where they are touching the bottom of the pallet. Then, by pumping the handle, the forks can rise to a height that is comfortable for the operator. These features are crucial for efficient movement and lifting of heavy equipment and goods.


Hand pallets are among the most basic forms of material handling equipment. They are used all over the world in warehouses, factories and trade stores to transport goods. Many different models are available, but a few key factors can help you choose the right one for your needs. First, make sure the load rollers and steer wheels are made of high-quality materials. The best choices are polyurethane or steel, which are durable and can withstand the demands of a busy operation. They also make it easy to maneuver the device in tight spaces that a forklift truck would have trouble navigating.

Another factor to consider is the load capacity. You want to be able to lift heavy loads over long distances with ease. If you have a heavy load that requires extra height, you can opt for a hand pallet with a scissor lift. This type of machine combines a classic hand pallet truck with a scissor lift, which allows you to easily and quickly transport a wide variety of goods.

Some hand pallet trucks have a scale function, which can be helpful for applications that require weight information. For example, if you need to weigh the contents of a box or container before shipping, this type of pallet truck can save you time and money by eliminating the need for a separate precision balance.