How to Set Up a Medical Oil Suction Machine


How to Set Up a Medical Oil Suction Machine

Suction machines use negative pressure to extract blood, mucus or other fluids from the mouth of a patient. They function quietly so they don’t disturb the patients or care team members during treatment sessions.

The machine is equipped with a collection canister and sterile patient tubing. The hose connects to the patient’s trachea.

Power Source

A suction machine is a piece of medical equipment that generates negative pressure to pull blood, mucus, or other similar secretions out of a patient’s throat. The device is a type of aspirator and may be used to treat patients who are too sick to be moved to another room. Generally, the process of setting up a suction machine begins by inspecting the exterior components and connecting the machine to an external power source. Once plugged in, the device will automatically begin to self-check, which checks alarm conditions and pneumatic system function, among other things. If all systems appear to be working properly, the device will then be ready for use. If it isn’t, the device will notify users of an error condition. It will also tell them if it is receiving the correct voltage and current.

Hose Reel

The SD10000 hose reel is designed to accommodate larger diameter 3/4 inch and 1 inch hose up to 50 feet in length. It features a high quality external drive spring and heavy gauge all bolted together frame for long life and durability. It can be OIL SUCTION MACHINE mounted in most truck cabinets and is also ideal for vacuum recovery hose (not included). Its containerized external drive spring can easily be serviced in the field and reduces torque load to spring, extending its life.

Designed to eliminate oil spills and minimize cleanup when working with cars, boats, tractors, small aircraft engines, industrial gear boxes, and hydraulic systems. It can also be used to drain engine oil from dipstick tubes and other openings. Its patented RACR Hose Return Speed Control makes safety a priority and eliminates injury and equipment damage. Engineered to maintain superior reliability and longevity with a maximum working pressure of 800 psi.

Suction Canes

For patients with tracheotomy or laryngectomy, suction machines can help clear blockage in their airways by creating negative pressure to draw saliva, mucus, and vomit from the patient. DME Supply USA carries a wide range of affordable medical suction equipment that can be used in the hospital, clinic, or home.

The oil suction machine features a piston pump for waste oil, an on/off valve, air filter with pressure regulator and vacuum gauge for monitoring the unit performance, extra large capacity suction filter and 3 m suction hose and complete kit of suction canes and adaptors. It is easy to operate and does not generate any noise during operation.

These supplies connect to the nozzle of the suction machine via medical tubing. They are plastic canisters that hold the fluid that gets pulled from the airway. Each container has a stem at the top that the tubing attaches to, and they have numbers printed on them for measuring how much liquid has been extracted.

These filters prevent bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the suction pump during use. They get connected to the tubing about halfway between the suction catheter and the collection container, and they prevent backflow without reducing suction. These filters usually last for about two months, but they can be changed sooner if you notice that they are starting to leak.


Generally housed in the tank itself, these filters protect the pump from damage caused by foreign material that may cause cavitation & ensure proper system function. Unlike strainers that are not visible & often do not have a bypass, suction filters OIL SUCTION MACHINE allow for continuous monitoring of pressure drop by integrating differential clogging indicators. These can also be augmented with advanced visual & electronic monitoring systems to allow for more accurate information regarding filtering element condition & status.

The vacuum oil filter can be used for edible oil purification, separating kinds of impurities such as metal, carbon residues, colloids, suspended and emulsified matters, etc., to make the oil as good as new one. Besides, it can restore the physio-chemical index of fried cooking oil to normal.