Important Safety Features of a Water Slide Pool

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Important Safety Features of a Water Slide Pool

Water slides are a great way to enhance your pool. They add excitement and provide an adrenaline rush for swimmers. They also encourage kids to get active, which is important for their physical and mental health.

This dinosaur-themed pool slide is a small splash of summer fun. It comes with a tiny slide, wading pool, and ring toss game – all flanked by friendly prehistoric friends.


Although pool slides are a fun addition to pools, they must be used properly and with supervision. Failure to do so can result in injury, even serious and crippling injuries. In order to avoid these dangers, you should ensure that your slide adheres to the mandatory federal safety standard and that it has certain key safety features.

One of the most common risks posed by swimming pool slides is spinal cord injury, which can lead to paraplegia or quadriplegia. This is due to the fact that many swimmers go down the slide head-first, which can cause serious injuries. The best way to avoid these injuries is to use the slide feet-first and to make sure that there is a lifeguard, active supervisor or buddy available whenever people are using the slide.

Another important consideration is to ensure that the slide is surrounded by a fenced area. Roughhousing or horseplay on the slide can lead to serious injury, so you should be sure that the slide is only for sliding and not for jumping or diving. It is also a good idea to water slide pool limit the number of people who can use the slide at any given time.

Finally, make sure that the slide ladder has non-slip material on its handrails so that wet climbers do not lose their grip. Also, you should check for any signs of wear and tear on the slide and its ladder.


The material used to construct a water slide pool is an important factor in its durability. Fiberglass slides are a popular choice because they are durable and lightweight. They also have a smooth surface, which reduces friction and creates a more enjoyable ride for swimmers. They also adhere to strict safety standards and guidelines. These features minimize the risk of accidents, making them an excellent choice for commercial pools.

Pool slides are available in both rigid and inflatable models. Rigid models typically rise a few feet from the ground and are more suitable for older kids and adults. Inflatable slides, on the other hand, are softer and ideal for young kids. They also require less deck space and can be stored when not in use.

Choosing the right water slide for your pool depends on several factors, including the size of your yard and the type of pool you have. You should also consider whether you have a pool deck or not, and whether there are any local safety regulations to take into account. Once you have determined these factors, it is time to decide on a model that will suit your needs.

SR Smith offers a variety of inflatable and rigid pool slides, each designed to increase the fun factor for swimmers. The company’s unique pool toys have been trusted by aquatic centers across the country for decades, and are designed to meet CPSC safety requirements.


The size of a water slide pool depends on its type. Rigid slides typically reach heights of up to 8 feet and measure 12 or 14 feet long. They are designed for older children and adults who want a faster ride with more thrills. They can boost your park’s hourly throughput and are ideal for high-traffic areas. Inflatable water water slide pool slides, on the other hand, can be smaller but offer a soft feel and a safe and fun ride. They’re also great for smaller pools and can be customized to your park’s footprint and capacity requirements.

The location of your slide is another important factor. Most manufacturers recommend a water depth of 3 feet or more at the slide exit for safety reasons. For slides that accommodate riders 48 inches and taller, the water depth should be even deeper.

In addition to standard sizing and capacity features, WhiteWater offers customization options that ensure your slides will fit perfectly on your pool deck. You can also choose from a variety of ride vehicle types, including molded leg, g-force, X-stream and elephant legs. All of these designs are available with open or closed stairways, as well as right or left curves at the end. The table below displays standard specifications organized by vehicle type, but these figures are estimates based on typical slide designs and will vary depending on the final design of your installed slide.


While a water slide adds to the fun of your pool, it can also be expensive. Some of the more elaborate slides can cost up to $5,000, and many will require professional installation. In addition to the actual cost of the structure, you’ll need to factor in the cost of labor and materials for the installation process. If you’re considering installing a pool slide, make sure to consult your local building codes before beginning the process.

Adding a water slide to your swimming pool can be a great way to keep kids and adults entertained in the backyard. These structures are made from a variety of materials, and they can be shaped to match the aesthetic of your backyard pool. Whether it’s freestanding or cleverly built into a waterfall and faux-rock landscape, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy this addition to the pool.

When selecting a pool slide, be sure to consider the location of it in relation to the rest of the pool. Most pool slides require a certain amount of space in front of them to prevent swimmers from impacting the surface of the water at the exit of the slide. This can be a significant factor in your decision making process, especially if you have limited pool deck space available. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that the slide is not located in the midst of a patio or deck seating area, where it will disrupt conversations and relaxation.