Inflatable Water Games

inflatable water games

Inflatable Water Games

Inflatable water games are an awesome way to keep your kids cool in the summer. They are also great for parties.

This inflatable water park features a bounce house, climbing wall, double-sided huge slide, 3 water cannons and a splash pool. It can be inflated within 2 minutes with the electric blower and hose attachment.

Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide

Bounceland’s Jump and Splash Adventure water slide is perfect for kids’ birthday parties, backyard gatherings, or just a regular summer day. The inflatable is a combination of a bounce house and a water slide that will keep your kids entertained for hours. The slide is made with puncture-proof material and quadruple stitching to ensure a long lifespan and a sturdy structure. Its 840D oxford cloth resists tearing and provides a safe surface for kids to play on.

This water slide has two slides that send kids flying into the large pool below, and it comes with a rock climbing wall and inflatable basketball hoop for extra fun. It takes only a few minutes to set up and inflate thanks to its electric blower. The product also includes a repair kit in case of damage or leakage.

Most water slides have fancy extra pieces like cannons, fountains, or water sprayers, but these are usually targeted at specific age groups and inflatable water games may not work well with all children. If you want to avoid such hassle, opt for a simple water slide with a splash pool and a tiny slide.

Inflatable water slides use a lot of water, but you can reduce the amount by using an in-house hose. You can also opt for a water recirculation system to recycle the water collected in the splash pool. This will save you a lot of water and money, especially if you plan to use the slide frequently.

Wellfuntime Inflatable Water Slide

This inflatable water slide is a must-have for the summer season. Its easy-to-use blower can get it inflated in just two minutes. It also includes a safety valve and a repair kit to make it a safe choice for kids. This water park is ideal for backyard games and can be used with or without a pool. It features dual slides, a climbing wall, a splash pool, water guns, and a spray arch.

It is made of high-quality PVC material inflatable water games for long-term use. This material is free from chemicals and other harmful materials, so it’s safe for children of all ages to play on. It also meets ASTMF963 and CPSC toy standards. It’s durable and safe to use, and it has a weight limit of 350 pounds so adults can also join in on the fun.

Inflatable water slides are the perfect way to beat the summer heat and keep your kids entertained at home. They are fun and easy to set up, so you don’t have to worry about driving the kids to the neighborhood pool or spending a fortune on admission. Just don’t forget to lather them with sunscreen before they go outside and play!

Tropical Splash Compact

This backyard inflatable is the perfect choice for kids of all ages and sizes. Multiple kids can race down the dual slides, and a water spray at the base of the slide helps them cool off while playing. The splash pool is large enough to hold several children at a time, and the gel mats keep it free of grass, dirt, and other debris between trips down the slides. A basketball hoop and shade tunnel round out this inflatable fun house, which is also easy to set up and clean.

This tropical theme is sure to bring out the kid in everyone. Unlike old-school slip and slides, the dual slides on this ride are much taller and offer plenty of speedy downhill action. The splash pool is a refreshing touch, and the misting system keeps it wet and slippery for maximum fun. Its design is a great hybrid of old-school slip and slide rides and height-focused inflatable slides, making this ride a favorite among kids and adults alike.

This Tropical Dual Slide N Splash is a fun addition to any backyard party, and the company offers a warranty and promise program to help owners feel confident in their purchase. The company manufactures their products with the highest quality materials to ensure safety and longevity. They also hot weld the pool and slide linings to minimize water leakage into the inflatable structure.