Key Tags for Your Business

Key Tags for Your Business

Key tags are small, mobile marketing tools that can serve a number of business purposes. They can promote, collect information and strengthen brand loyalty – all in a pocket-sized package.

These ID cards offer a practical and cost-effective solution for many organizations, including membership and loyalty card programs. They are an ideal complement to wallet-sized cards.

Styrene Key Tags

Styrene key tags are a small, mobile marketing tool used to promote your business, gather valuable data, increase customer loyalty and much more. A multi-faceted tool that is carried with your customers, the styrene key tag Key Tag is a cost-effective way to make the most out of your customer’s time at your business.

The styrene is a lightweight material that is custom made into the preferred shape and can be transparent, clear or in any colour of the buyer’s choosing. The smudge-proof write-on surface is easy to clean and can be customised with a logo or text of the buyer’s choice. They are an ideal choice for a numbering system in dealerships, car services and repair shops to mark vehicles, parts or equipment.

Easily add to your current loyalty, membership or gift program with this RS PRO Plastic Key Tag, available in a variety of different colour options. Each white key tag features a Welcome and the NA logo on front with Just for Today on the back, providing an effective solution to identify keys in a group setting.

Vinyl Disposable Key Tags

Vinyl is a synthetic material that’s durable and resists moisture, making it the perfect choice for key tags. These vinyl disposable key tags are ideal for tagging tools in workshops, garden sheds and service shops. They can also be used to label plants and more. They are available in a range of colors and have a self-locking system, eliminating the need for a key ring. This pack contains 500 disposable key tags.

Plastic custom key tags are one of the most effective ways to promote your business and increase customer loyalty. They are carried around by your customers and go everywhere they move, promoting your business every time they use their keys. They can be printed with a bar code or QR code, allowing them to be scanned to provide details of membership programmes.

Arrow shaped key tags make handling and identifying keys fast, easy and secure. A smudge-proof write on surface makes them easily read, and they’re available in 11 colors to match all applications at your dealership or repair shop. Use a different color for each franchise, model year, service writer, insurance company, job or technician.

These disposable arrow key tags are available in packs of 1000 and include a free marker to help you label them. They are designed to be threaded through any type of key, removing the need for metal rings and they have a self-locking feature that will stay securely in place until you decide to remove them.

Metal Key Tags

These metal key tags offer a sleek, long lasting promotional product that will really stand out. They are made of premium zinc alloy and come plated in black attached to a flat 1.25″ split key ring. They have large recessed areas on the front side that can either be filled with a full color gel domed insert or an engraved metal insert that shows off your base logo or text. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these metal key tags are the best way to promote your company with a high quality item that your customers will use.

Plastic Key Tags

Plastic key tags are a versatile marketing tool that can serve multiple purposes in your business. Printed with your logo and vital information, these promotional items are an inexpensive giveaway that can get you in front of your customers daily. Custom key tag printing makes it easy to include your website, phone number or catchy slogan in an attractive, eye-catching design.

Personalized key tags are also an excellent way to boost your loyalty and reward programs. By adding a bar code, your plastic key tags can be optimized to work with your point of sale desfire ev1 system. This allows you to track your customer spending and rewards them with a variety of different benefits. You can even include a discount, as Brenna did at her resort, to make her VIP customers feel special.

These plastic key tags are available in a variety of unique shapes, so you can find one that complements your brand. Real estate agents can make their clients’ properties stand out with a House Key Tag, while awareness ribbon key tags can keep your next fundraising event top of mind. With a tamper proof cable key ring included, these customized marketing pieces are convenient for your customers to take with them wherever they go, making them exceptional promotional tools. In addition, you can choose from a range of colors to ensure that your custom key tag is in keeping with the overall look of your business.