Motorola DM1600 UHF Base/Vehicle Two-Way Radio

Motorola DM1600 UHF Base/Vehicle Two-Way Radio

Motorola DM1600 UHF Base/Vehicle Two-Way Radio complete with microphone, radio mount bracket, screws, power cable & microphone bracket.

Designed for the everyday driver to connect without distraction. This analogue/digital mobile radio has advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features like Transmit Interrupt to prioritize critical communications and a bright, high contrast alphanumeric display for easy operation.

Designed for the Everyday Driver

Motorola DM1600 VHF mobile professional radio is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient solution to help your people stay connected whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching trucks or driving buses and trams. This analogue/digital mobile radio provides advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features such as Transmit Interrupt to prioritize critical communication and a high-contrast alphanumeric display for easier settings identification. And with analogue and digital capability, you have the flexibility to migrate at your own pace to the latest technology.

The analogue-only model of the DM1600 allows you to upgrade to digital with a simple software package, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of digital such as improved audio and greater coverage, while keeping your existing fleet of radios operational. The DM1600 is built to last and has undergone Motorola’s innovative Accelerated Life Test to ensure it stands up to the toughest use in demanding environments.

With the right antenna and a mobile radio installation that maximises your radio’s range, the DM1600 is a powerful tool that helps your people connect without distraction. As an official Gold Motorola Value Added Reseller and Motorola Solutions training partner, we have the experience and expertise to help you create a complete two-way radio solution that will give you maximum performance. Buy with confidence knowing you are getting the very best service and support from our dedicated team of experts.

Advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) Business-Essential Features

The most basic two-way radio in the MOTOTRBO family, it delivers clear and uncomplicated voice communications with a simple alphanumeric display. It can be shipped as an analogue device, and upgraded to digital whenever motorola dm2600 the organisation is ready. A single software update unlocks all the productivity-boosting benefits of MOTOTRBO for instant communicating, easy decision-making and seamless coordinating across your entire enterprise.

From the production line to the hotel lobby, enterprises everywhere are transforming their operations with MOTOTRBO. This scalable digital trunking system combines innovation with Motorola’s extensive real-world experience of trunked systems to deliver the right communication solution for your organisation – now and for years to come.

The MOTOTRBO Capacity Max digital trunking system provides a highly scalable, robust communications platform with intelligent call handling and priority queuing for high performance and superior reliability. It offers centralized dispatch capability with a wireline console or IP-based dispatch applications, and can support thousands of users throughout your entire enterprise.

From the worksite to the conference room, you need communication solutions that help you operate efficiently and safely in any environment. That’s why Motorola Solutions provides a broad range of advanced accessories, infrastructure and systems to meet your specific needs. Each is designed, built and tested with your MOTOTRBO radio to optimize its performance. Plus, they’re backed by Motorola’s global service network and industry-leading warranty programs.

Analogue & Digital Capability

The DM1600 operates in both analog and digital mode, providing the flexibility to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace. Enjoy all the benefits of digital radio – superior audio, increased coverage and more – while maintaining compatibility with existing analogue equipment. Streamline operations with advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features, including transmit interrupt to prioritize critical communication and a large, high-contrast numeric display for easy operation.

Designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use, the DM1600 is backed by Motorola’s 2-year standard warranty and Service from the Start, which provides multi-year peace of mind with fast repair turnaround times, expert telephone technical support and software updates. Plus, it’s built to last, having passed Motorola’s gruelling Accelerated Life Test program. Rest assured it’s a durable solution for your organisation.

Easy Integration

Whether delivering cargo, dispatching trucks or driving buses or trams, the DM1600 mobile radio will keep your workers connected and productive. It offers advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features such motorola sIr8000 as Ttransmit Interrupt (decode only), to prioritize critical communication.

Easily upgrade to digital capability when you are ready, all you need is a simple software package. Alternatively, purchase analogue only and upgrade to digital when your operations require it. Designed to last, these radios are IP54 dustproof and splashproof and have undergone Motorola’s unique and rigorous Accelerated Life Test (ALT) programme. The DM1600 mobile radio is backed by the Motorola Solutions Service from the Start package, which provides multi-year peace of mind, fast repair turnaround times and expert telephone technical support.

The DM1600 mobile two-way radio comes complete with fist microphone, radio mounting bracket, screws and power cable as standard. It is suitable for use on all vehicles and has a 160 channel analogue/digital radio with numeric display. The DM1600 mobile radio can be used in conjunction with a range of accessories including speaker mics, remote audio kits, power amplifiers and vehicle mounts. It is available in a choice of colours. A wide range of antennas are available to extend its operating range.