Pedal Bins

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Pedal Bins

A pedal bin (sometimes referred to as pedal can or a pedal trash can) is a waste container with a lid that you operate by foot. Pedal bins are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

The pedal bins offer the convenience of a fully functional lid that you can operate by foot, making them suitable for use in a range of situations and environments.

The Vipp13

The Vipp13 is the smallest pedal bin in the company’s collection and features a number of high tech features including an air tight lid, a damper mechanism that provides smooth closure and a rubber ring at the base to protect floors. It also comes with a removable inner bin to ensure waste is kept tidy, and includes a roll of biodegradable liners.

The Vipp is a family-owned, Danish design company that focuses on high-quality furniture and home accessories with a focus on functionality. It is also known for its innovative and modern lighting, such as the Vipp 522, a wall lamp that draws light around the room. The company is helmed by Holger Nielsen’s daughter, Jette Egelund, who has helped to bring the company to the attention of the design community. She has been able to expand the brand with high-quality bathroom and kitchen products, including the Vipp 13 and the Vipp 524.

The Vipp14

Originally designed by Holger Nielsen in 1939, the Vipp pedal bin is a design classic. It combines the philosophy of function before form with a removable inner bin and an air-tight lid.

A damper mechanism ensures a smooth closing of the lid, while a rubber ring at the base protects sensitive surfaces. The body is manufactured in powder-coated steel and hides a removable, galvanised stainless steel inner bin.

Since 2009, the Vipp pedal bin has been part of the architecture and design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is also recognized internationally as a design classic. Today, Vipp is a family-owned Danish design company that creates versatile furniture and home accessories to make everyday life easier. Its designs can be found in a variety of design shops and museums pedal bin worldwide. The Vipp family continues to expand their product range and to develop innovative ideas for the future of home accessories.

The Vipp15

The Vipp15 is a medium-sized pedal bin that can be used in a kitchen, bathroom or office. It features handles and a damper mechanism for smooth closure of the lid. It also has a rubber ring on the base that ensures the floor is protected.

Originally designed in 1939, the Vipp pedal bin is a design classic that will never go out of style. It is made from stainless steel and rubber, which enables it to last for years without becoming scratched.

Vipp has rethought its production of the original pedal bin and created ‘Rubbish’, which is made from 75% recycled material. Wood leftovers from tabletop manufacturing and plastic waste are reprocessed and transformed into a new fibre material that shapes the body of the bin.

The Vipp16

The Vipp16 is a stylish and functional 18 litre waste bin that will suit any kitchen, office or bathroom. It features an impressive lid, a damper mechanism and a rubber ring that guarantees air-tight closure. The housing is made from powder-coated steel and hides the removable, galvanised steel inner bin.

Founded by Holger Nielsen in 1939, the Vipp story continues today under the leadership of his daughter Jette Egelund and her two children Sofie and Kasper. Today, the company offers a wide range of products including furniture, bathroom and kitchen accessories, as well as design hotels and modular kitchen solutions. The company’s iconic pedal bin is a nod to the original from the 1930s, but also features modern day practicalities like an integrated ventilation system and a soft close. It’s a true design icon that is sure to make an impression.

The Vipp17

The Vipp17 is the king of the pedal bins, with an airtight lid and damper mechanism for smooth closure. The base is made of powder-coated steel, while the removable inner bin is hidden inside a galvanised steel box.

The pedal bin was invented in 1939 by Holger Nielsen, a 17-year-old metal worker from Denmark who had the idea for a foot-operated trash can. Now owned by the third generation of the Nielsen family, Vipp is known around the world for its iconic pedal bins and a variety of other design pieces that bring home the best in style. With its functional handles and 8 gallon of trash capacity, the Vipp17 is a trusted kitchen companion that’s easy to move around. The best part? It comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Vipp18

A pedal bin with a convenient size and functional handles. pedal bin It is an easy way to transport and dispose of waste in your kitchen, bathroom or office.

Vipp 18 is a 22-liter open trash can, with a ribbed exterior and ring-shaped lid. The sloping ring-lid channels the garbage into a concealed inner bucket. A wide rubber ring at the base protects floors from scuffs and scratches.

This classic pedal bin is based on Holger Nielsen’s philosophy that design must be essentially about function. In addition to this, clever details add value to the product. Today, the bin is complemented by an entire family of products designed for the home and office spaces. Visit the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen for the story behind this special brand. The shop also sells the Vipp range of products, including a new line of bathroom and kitchen modules.

The Vipp19

The Vipp19 is a pedal bin that’s both practical and stylish. It’s available in two sizes and has a beautiful industrial design that can be used in both private homes and public spaces such as offices and cafes. Its ribbed exterior ensures a good grip when emptying and its ring-shaped lid channels the waste downward into a concealed inner bin.

The bin is made from durable materials: powder-coated steel, stainless steel and silicone. It is easy to clean and maintain, and can handle various abrasions.

Founded by Holger Nielsen in 1931, Vipp is a Danish company that designs and manufactures industrial products. Today, the company has expanded its range of kitchen and bathroom accessories to create shelters, which are a modern escape powered by simplicity yet packed with exquisitely conceived details. The driving ambition is to transform classic accessories into a shelter that’s just as livable as a house or a pavilion.

The Vipp20

The Vipp20 is a worthy heir to its larger cousins and has a lot going for it. The biggest draw here is the oh so shiny lid whose nifty touches include an air-tight seal and a surprisingly effective damper mechanism to boot. This one is the brainchild of none other than Vipp’s resident aficionado and co-founder Holger Nielsen, with a little help from Norm Architect and a nifty gizmo-torched aluminium body to boot. a veritable crown jewel for a brand so committed to sustainability.

The Vipp21

The Vipp21 is the latest addition to the Vipp collection, and is a pedal bin that has been made from recycled waste. The bin has a soft-closing lid that ensures unpleasant odours are kept out of the room, and is available in either powder coated or stainless steel finishes. It has a removable plastic liner that’s easy to clean and a damper mechanism that helps ensure smooth closure of the lid. It’s also available in the smaller 4L version, making it ideal for spaces with limited space. It’s a versatile piece that works well in both modern and traditional kitchens, and is perfect for any design aesthetic.

The Vipp22

A modern design staple, the Vipp22 is a pedal bin that has it all. It has a sleek design that is made to last and is an easy addition to any bathroom. The lid of this bin opens and closes smoothly with a clever foot pedal, while the plastic liner is removable for easy cleaning. It also features a smart bag lock to keep your waste safe. It’s also a great way to help save the environment!