Pickup Truck Canopy

Pickup Truck Canopy

A pickup truck canopy is an excellent way to protect the cargo in your truck bed from weather and theft. They come in a wide variety of options and are a great choice for campers and construction workers.

If you want to build your own truck canopy, there are a few things you should know. First, it is best to have the right tools.

ARE Z Series

The ARE Z Series is the perfect solution for truck owners who desire a cap that provides an ideal fit and wraps up the truck. The frameless doors and windows and attention to detail make the ARE Z Series a great choice for trucks of all makes and models. The optional keyless entry system is a cool last touch that enhances the overall look of the Z Series. The soft rounded curves and sleek design of the cap give it a look that will blend with your truck’s lines to become a part of the entire appearance. The recessed side vent windows are equipped with screens and the ergonomically designed door handle features an OEM quality lock by Strattec. The rotary slam action latches allow you to open and close the door with the same motions you would use to close your truck’s doors. The third brake light is recessed into the fiberglass and curved to match the cap’s styling for a smooth, stylish look.

ARE Ridgeline Series

Ridgeline, Honda’s rugged pickup truck, offers a combination of class-leading on-road performance and off-road capability that makes it the ultimate choice for those looking to get out and enjoy the outdoors. The Ridgeline has a long list of standard and available features pickup truck canopy designed to help keep you safe, protect your passengers, and make driving easier.

The ARE Ridgeline Series comes in four trim levels: RT, RTX, sport RTS, and premium RTL. All Ridgelines come with standard anti-lock brakes, stability assist, and side airbags. The higher-trim Ridgelines add power door locks, a rearview camera, and dual-action tailgate with lockable in-bed trunk.

Inside, the Ridgeline’s cabin is spacious and comfortable. The RT and RTX models have cloth upholstery, while the RTS and RTL get leather. The RTX and RTL seats also offer a cushion-height adjustment that helps drivers of different heights find the right vantage point for the road ahead.

On the highway, the Ridgeline is surprisingly agile for a truck of this size. Its coil-sprung independent rear suspension contributes to an incredibly carlike ride that doesn’t feel stiff or unresponsive when you push it hard into the corners, and the brakes work well to keep your hands on the wheel.

A 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 is the engine that powers the Ridgeline, and it hooks up to a 9-speed automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drive. It produces a broad torque curve that starts early at low rpms and extends to high ones, which is especially helpful when you’re accelerating from a standing start or cruising down the highway.

It’s an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, too. Despite its unique body architecture, the Ridgeline rides more like a sedan than a pickup, thanks to its sound-insulating materials and its re-engineered suspension.

The Ridgeline’s off-road capabilities aren’t quite up to the competition’s wilder off-road versions, but it has enough performance to tackle a lot of tough terrain. Its Intelligent Traction Management system can select one of three calibrated modes, including snow, mud, or sand, to take on the rigors of the trail.

ARE ToolMaster Series

The ARE ToolMaster series is a true fiberglass commercial canopy solution. This one has a lot of bells and whistles including a full pickup truck canopy size aluminum ladder rack (AluRack), commercial grade doors and toolboxes plus a surprisingly large number of options to choose from.

ARE has also done a solid job of designing a canopy that will fit most cab styles and bed lengths. A good example is their newest truck canopy for the Honda Ridgeline. The ARE has been around since 1967 and manufactures an array of truck accessories for every make and model.

A truck canopy is a great way to add some style and function to your vehicle without breaking the bank or getting in the way. To get the most from your investment, it is important to shop around and compare the many different options available. This will give you the most confidence that your new truck accessory will work as expected. The ARE has been named a top of the line manufacturer by a select few in the industry and you can trust them to do what they do best.