Rolling Storage Carts

rolling storage cart

Rolling Storage Carts

Rolling storage carts are the perfect solution to a messy space that needs extra organization. They can be taken from room to room as needed and help declutter your home office, kitchen or laundry area.

Pre-drill the ends of your longer side pieces (21″ sides, in this example) before screwing them into place. This will strengthen the glue seams.


Whether it’s to corral arts and crafts supplies, stock the nursery, or organize office essentials, drawers are a great addition to any rolling storage cart. This one from The Container Store, for example, has three spacious, easy-to-remove drawers that allow you to create a customized look. Its slim profile fits neatly into tight spaces where there’s no room for bulky cabinets or shelving. The wide drawer depth also accommodates letter- and legal-size papers and interior file folders, making it an excellent choice for the home or office.

If you prefer a simple, modern design for your storage cart, try this model that features a sleek metal frame with a wood tabletop that doubles rolling storage cart as a work surface. Its smooth-gliding wheels move it around the house without scuffing floors. Its compact size makes it a convenient addition to a home office, craft space, or kitchen, where it can hold everything from paper supplies and cleaning products to pantry items and frozen foods.

Many rolling storage carts with drawers have pegboards where you can attach hooking containers to round up runaway doodads like hair accessories or hot glue guns. The pegboard also provides an ideal spot to hang the lids of condiment bottles and jars, making this model an especially handy option for the pantry or kitchen. Its neutral color lets it blend in with most decors, and you can add a brightly colored drawer liner or fabric to customize the look.

You can also find a rolling storage cart with shallow, mesh basket trays that are ideal for organizing bathroom items, kitchen linens, or craft supplies. This one from The Container Store works well in the pantry, closet, or laundry room and has four 1.5-inch casters, two of which lock to ensure stability. Each shelf has a textured bottom to prevent sliding, and the drawers are clear to make it easy to see what’s inside.

This narrow rolling storage cart is a fit for those tight, seemingly unusable corners in bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms where they usually host dust bunnies and nomadic socks. Its slim profile and wide drawers offer generous storage in a small footprint, and it comes with built-in drawer stops to prevent items from falling out. It can be paired with other storage products from the Hundo collection, including shelving and wall racks, to provide an integrated organizational system.


A rolling storage cart with baskets offers an elegant alternative to a cabinet or closet for storing small objects. These storage solutions work as a stylish kitchen cart, sorting everything from tin foil to tall containers, or can be wheeled into a craft room to organize arts and crafts supplies or in a bathroom to store beauty products. Some carts also come with pegboards or hooking container cups, allowing you to use them as an organizer for items like hot glue guns and hair straighteners that tend to get lost in the shuffle.

While some shoppers may opt for an economical plastic drawer option, those who want to upgrade their cart should look at carts with sturdy metal shelves. These options are durable enough to support heavier items and can easily be wiped down in the event of a spill. Many carts feature a wide variety of shelving sizes and heights, so it’s important to note the weight capacity and distance between each shelf before making a purchase.

For those who prefer a more decorative cart, consider one that features a sleek metal frame and glass top. The combination of these materials creates a sleek, modern look that’s ideal for displaying knickknacks and picture frames. It’s also an elegant way to display gardening tools and houseplants without taking up valuable window space.

Those who are a bit handy can opt to make their own rolling storage carts with baskets. Start with a 2×4 scrap piece of wood and, using the proper safety precautions, cut it into two short triangle pieces. Apply wood glue to the bottom and two right-angle sides of a triangle piece, then firmly press it into a corner of the wooden cart’s structure and let dry. Repeat this process for the other three corners of the cart.

A few other carts on the market offer an added bonus of wheels and a customizable design, allowing users to add or remove baskets and shelving as needed. The Container Store’s Elfa line of products is a good example of this type of cart. The company’s modular system allows customers to customize their storage solutions with pegboards, hooks and other accessories, allowing them to create an organized home office or craft space.


Rolling storage carts on wheels are the ultimate organizers for mobile spaces. They allow you to move your work space around with ease while also providing a sturdy platform for your supplies, tools and equipment. These carts come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your storage needs, and some even include extra features like a towel bar or pegboard. They’re also ideal for storing wet items like towels or bath salts in the bathroom, and they’re great for stocking craft supplies in your home studio or keeping office essentials, such as file folders or letter-size paper, close at hand.

Some rolling storage carts have built-in drawers and cabinets for additional storage space, while others feature pegboards or hooking container cups for organizing smaller items like beads, yarn and looms. These handy add-ons make these carts a great choice for DIYers, crafters and artists who need to store lots of small items that are easily lost in crowded drawers or hard-to-reach corners. Some even have magnets that let you attach items such as paint brushes or tweezers to the pegboard, making them easier to grab when needed.

Another way to customize your rolling storage cart is to stain it. This is a simple weekend DIY project that allows you to add a pop of color to your room and showcase your creative style. Start by sanding down the corners, sides and floor of your cart to remove any rough spots and prep it for staining. Then, apply wood stain to the entire surface of your cart using a brush. Wipe away any excess and let it dry completely before use.

Other customizable storage options include a woven basket, which works well for storing linens, utensils and other kitchen necessities. You can also create a stylish bar cart by stocking it with vintage-style bottles and a few glassware sets, then pairing it with an elegant tray to hold serving snacks, drinks or appetizers when entertaining guests. This is a great option for transitional spaces, condos or apartments.

This versatile metal storage cart from Honey-Can-Do combines open shelving with a cabinet and drawer for plenty of organized, contained space. Its five mesh tiers provide ventilation, so it’s a good option for storing bathroom toiletries and towels. The cabinet’s door, laminate work surface and a coat hook are an added bonus for a busy household or office. Five durable rubber casters lock into place, so the cart stays secure during use.

Weight Capacity

A rolling storage cart can be a stylish addition to any room. Whether you need extra tabletop workspace in your kitchen or a convenient place to stash all your crafting supplies, these versatile units work hard then fold flat for discreet stowing. You’ll find narrow carts that fit snugly into unused crevices in bathrooms and laundry rooms, while taller ones offer plenty of shelving space. Look for a design that fits your space, the items you’ll store, and your personal style.

When shopping for a cart, it’s important to consider the weight capacity of each shelf as well as the distance between shelves. You don’t want to overload your rolling storage cart cart or put too much weight on the casters, which could cause the unit to tip over.

Many models also include handy add-ons like pegboards, hooks, and baskets to make it even easier to customize your cart for the tasks you have in mind. For example, a hanging basket is ideal for holding hats and scarves, while a pegboard provides a spot to hang a tool belt or organize small bins of craft supplies. Some rolling storage carts are also available in a variety of finishes, so you can choose one that complements your existing decor.

If you’re looking for a portable workstation that’s easy to roll, check out a computer cart with mounts for laptop or desktop PCs and typical accessories. You’ll also find specialized carts that hold medical equipment, such as point of care carts or medication carts. These carts are standardized by many health care settings to fulfill a particular need, such as patient monitoring or medication dispensation.

A tiered rolling cart is ideal for storing bedtime essentials, including reading glasses and books, an alarm clock, and water. This way, you won’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to find these items and can focus on getting a good night’s sleep. A rolling cart can also hold a variety of other supplies, including makeup and toiletries and bath towels. Some models even feature a beverage holder and magazine rack, making them the perfect companion to your favorite armchair or bed.