Shipping Agent Service

shipping agent service

Shipping Agent Service

A shipping agent is the person who processes a variety of transactions in every port and country where a ship docks. He or she is also in charge of arranging matters for the cargo, such as insurance coverage, P & I clubs, and nautical inspections.

When choosing a vessel agent, look for one with experience in China. A trustworthy agent should be able to handle custom clearance quickly and efficiently.


Shipping agent services provide information to the charterer and shipowner on berth availability, estimated waiting time for mooring. They also supply information about the main characteristics of each type of operation and ship at a specific port. This allows them to anticipate possible problems and help their clients avoid them. They may even make recommendations on what kind of supplies to buy for the vessel during its stay at a port.

These agents may either act as a company that specializes in this kind of service or operate as a subcontractor for a bigger business like freight companies. They can also be part of a large association or network that allows them to offer their services at competitive prices.

As a ship’s representative at each port, the agent is in charge of meeting the obligations imposed on the crew, such as getting local currency, contacting any repairmen in case there are any urgent repairs, shipping agent service refilling water and food containers, among others. A good agent will be able to fulfill these needs with the most efficiency and professionalism.

Shipping agents can also provide additional services, such as importing and exporting goods from different countries. They can take care of all the logistics so that you can focus on your product development and sales. They can also handle fulfillment for you, which can be especially helpful for big companies with lots of products.

Saves Time

When you hire a shipping agent, they take care of the fulfillment process for you. They will pick, pack and ship your products to customers, allowing you to focus on sales and marketing. This is especially helpful for big companies that cannot keep up with demand independently.

Additionally, a shipping agent will help you save on freight costs. They will purchase space from carriers and sell it to you at a discounted rate. They also know the logistics market, so they will be able to provide you with the latest freight quotations.

Moreover, shipping agents can help you avoid hefty fines and penalties. They will ensure that all of your documents are in order and that your goods are shipped according to local regulations. They can even assist you with obtaining customs clearance.

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can use the Shipping Agents feature to create warehouse shipments faster and with less friction. When you create a warehouse shipment from a sales order, the information about the shipping agent is automatically copied to the shipment header.

You can set up an unlimited number of shipping agents and specify the services that each one offers in the Shipping Agents window. When you assign a shipping agent service to an order, the program copies the value from the Shipping Agent Service Code field in the job or sales order to the Shipping Time field in the warehouse shipment header.

Ensures Quick Delivery

As shipping agents deal with all the tasks of a ship in each port, they ensure that the essential duties and obligations like crew transfers, essential supplies, customs documentation and waste declaration are fulfilled without any delay. They also provide the necessary support and assistance to the ship’s personnel, in accordance with the local regulations.

Quick delivery services can only be effective if the foundation of their operations is strong and robust. This is only possible with an AI-powered logistics management platform that facilitates a delightful on-demand delivery experience via smart functionalities such as driver slot management, dynamic en route order clubbing and much more.

A robust quick delivery software solution also enables businesses to monitor, track and manage on-the-move drivers via a user-friendly driver app that pushes real-time vehicle status and SLA intimation across the POS/OMS/WMS/ERP. The app also facilitates COD / online payments and automatically shares delivery completion reports with all stakeholders.

In Dynamics 365 Business Central you can configure shipping agent services by entering an Internet address in the Internet Shipping Agent Service field and specifying the services that the shipping agent provides. When you assign a shipping agent service to a job or sales order, the service’s Shipping Time value is used in the Planning Delivery Date calculation. When you display the tracking number for a customer in your webshop, it is linked to the tracking service of the shipping agent so that the customer can track his or her shipment.

In-Depth Knowledge

Whenever a vessel visits any country, the ship owner/charterer will need to appoint an agent to represent him in the port of stay. This figure will be the only representative between the shipping company and that country’s authorities and suppliers. He will be entitled to liaise in the name of the owner/charterer and to arrange for a whole range of services during the vessel’s port stay.

Often, the agent will be in charge of ensuring that crew transfers happen seamlessly and that customs documentation and waste declarations are arranged with port authorities without delay. He or she will also shipping agent service provide the owner or charterer with real-time updates and reports for the port call or cargo operation.

Being a great ship’s agent requires great dedication and a very specialized skillset. While this is not a typical 9 to 5 job, it can be extremely rewarding and exciting. Ultimately, you need to love the maritime industry to thrive in this highly-pressurized atmosphere.

Additionally, a reliable shipping agent can offer genuine value to the businesses that it represents. He or she can supply the vessel with operational information, defend its legal interests and offer complete assistance. Colloquially speaking, the agent becomes the “ship’s concierge at that port”.