Silicone Supplies Manufacturer

Silicone Supplies Manufacturer

Silicone is a versatile material that can be used for many different applications. It is also safe for the environment and does not contain any toxic materials.

The best silicone manufacturers are those that provide high-quality products. They will understand your project and your communication expectations. They will also have a strong reputation for customer service.

Extreme Molding

Silicone molding involves transforming uncured rubber or an elastomer into a finished product by transferring, compressing, or injecting raw rubber material into a mold cavity. It is used in many industries including aerospace, automotive, construction and appliance manufacturing. There are five different types of silicone molding: cast molding, injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding and dip molding.

When choosing a US silicone injection manufacturer, it is important to look for a company with experience and expertise in your specific industry. In addition, they should be able to provide quality advice on product design and material selection.


SIMTEC is a manufacturer exclusively focused on the customization and serial production of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and 2-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastics) injection molded components. They specialize in high-precision, close tolerance applications in the automotive, medical and hygienic consumer products industries.

The company offers services such as silicone injection molding, over molding, compression/transfer molding, and color matching. The company also provides assembly, packing and fulfillment services.

Moreover, they also provide services such as testing materials for corrosion resistance, electrical properties and mechanical strength. They use UKAS accredited laboratories to ensure the highest quality. This is vital for the success of construction projects and prevents unnecessary costs.

Apple Rubber

Apple Rubber Products designs and manufactures o-rings, seals, and custom sealing devices. Its products include EMI-shielded O-rings and seals for the military, medical, aerospace, automotive, and consumer and industrial electronics industries; filter seal parts; custom molded shapes, including molded inserts; diaphragms; piston seals; bushings; poppet seals; and composite seals.

Apple’s precision molding capabilities, using compression, transfer, and injection molds as well as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), enable it to consistently produce complex silicone parts and seals. It can also create microminiature composite seals that incorporate both the seal and another component in one part, simplifying installation and reducing assembly costs.

Elkem Silicones

Elkem is one of the world’s foremost fully integrated silicone manufacturers. Its products are in everything from the tallest buildings to the smallest product details. The company is headquartered in York, South Carolina, and employs 110+ people at its local facility.

You’ll find Elkem products in your medical devices, cars, electronic Silicone Supplies Manufacturer gadgets, sustainable energy equipment and the bridges you drive over. They also make the rubbers in your shoes, lubricants for machinery and materials and specialty fluids for paints and coatings.

The BLUESILTM family of silicone fluids offers high-performance solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. They are used in battery thermal management, helping EV batteries safely endure more miles than ever before with no fires.

Qure Medical

Qure Medical offers a variety of custom injection molded silicone products. Its manufacturing processes include liquid silicone molding, HCR compression/transfer/injection molding, and silicone tubing extrusion. It also has in-house materials science and product design/FEA capabilities.

The company’s CPV vignettes are used by health care organizations to engage providers in clinical variation reduction efforts. Its customers include large health care systems, independent practice associations, and public and private payers.

Q Holding Co of Twinsburg, Ohio, which operates under the Qure Medical brand, said it acquired UK-based Silicone Altimex Ltd. The acquisition will give Qure Medical a presence in Europe, the US, and China.


Newtop Rubber is a company that specializes in manufacturing silicone products for multiple industries. They have a diverse product catalog and their injection molding process is fast and efficient. They also offer technical assistance and custom solutions.

They have over a decade of experience producing liquid silicone rubber molding and have an extensive knowledge of the industry. They have acquired 8 certifications and are committed to providing high-quality products at a competitive price.

Their product catalog includes silicone rubber products for medical, automotive, household, and electrical applications. Their production facilities are equipped with modern machinery and a team of experienced engineers to support their customers.

Stockwell Elastomerics

Stockwell Elastomerics is a manufacturer of standard and custom gaskets, pads, seals and cushions. They provide a range of services including silicone injection molding, waterjet cutting, gasket assembly and lamination.

The company’s team of engineers and material scientists work with customers to ensure their products meet specific application requirements. They also offer design assistance and prototyping.

They serve a broad range of industries, including renewable energy, aerospace, defense and telecommunications. Their products are designed to protect sensitive electronics against electromagnetic interference (EMI). They use a variety of high-performance silicone rubber materials to manufacture their gaskets and cushioning pads.

Vanguard Products Corp.

Vanguard Products Corporation is a manufacturer of rubber tubing Silicone Supplies Manufacturer and silicone components, with a focus on extruded and molded solutions. Its state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled team of engineers ensure that customers receive the highest quality products, on time and at competitive prices. Its expertise in rubber and silicone materials has allowed it to expand into other product categories, such as EMI and RFI shielding gaskets.

The customer service representatives at Vanguard have the intelligence of rocks, to put it mildly. It often takes an hour or more to speak to a representative who is only too happy to hang up on you.


Xiameter is a subsidiary of Dow Corning that sells standard silicone products, such as lubricants, antifoams, moldmaking fluids and silanes. It also offers a line of silicone rubbers and sealants for various applications.

Silicone fluids are used as lubricants for industrial processes that require damping and shock absorption. They are also used as mold release agents to facilitate the removal of molded products from their molds.

Xiameter’s web-enabled business model allows customers to order products online and receive an acknowledgment of their order, confirmation of shipment and an electronic invoice without having to speak with a Xiameter employee. This helps reduce overhead costs.