Sterlisation Humidifier

Sterlisation Humidifier

Sterlisation Humidifier uses an innovative micro-electrolysis technology that oxidizes and decomposes the amino acids of bacteria and pathogens to fundamentally prevent infection.

The humidifier electrolyses water into -OH, [O], H +, OH- and other strong oxidising sterilization ions that destroy the DNA / RNA of harmful germs.

It then reduces the ions to neutral water molecules, leaving no chemical residue or pungent smell.

1. Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria

Using an innovative HOCl technology, this germ free humidifier sterilizes water bred contaminants like bacteria & mold spores through electrolysis process, which oxidizes & decomposes amino acids in these microorganisms to inhibit their growth & reproduction. The Sterlization Humidifier also removes harmful odors & disinfects all surfaces in the humidifier.

It is an ideal choice for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses, allergies, or simply want a healthy environment. Humidity has Sterlization Humidifier been shown to play a significant role in symptom control for respiratory illnesses, but if it is too low, it can promote the spread of enveloped viruses. At the same time, high humidity levels can promote the growth of mold and mites.

With this in mind, industrial designer James Dyson has developed his own humidifier that aims to be more hygienic than other models on the market. The Dyson Humidifier uses an ultraviolet cleanse to kill cooties in the machine before mist is emitted, preventing them from being dispersed into the air. The humidifier then atomizes the clean water with its patented Air Multiplier technology, creating a fine mist that is instantly projected evenly throughout a room.

2. Kills Allergens

Humidifiers can help relieve the symptoms of allergies by moisturizing the air and reducing inflammation in your nasal passages. They can also reduce the occurrence of sinus infections by eliminating germs. However, it is important to know that not all humidifiers are created equal. According to the Healthy But Smart website, not all humidifiers will actually help your allergy and asthma symptoms. It is important to have a hygrometer at home that will monitor the humidity level of your house.

High humidity levels can promote the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites, and molds. This is because water vapor in the air tends to condense and form into droplets. This can then settle on surfaces or in your airways and lungs, leading to allergy and asthma flare-ups.

Studies have shown that moderate humidity levels can decrease the number of airborne allergens and pathogens. This is because water vapor will condense on bacteria, dust mites and molds, causing them to fall off of walls and other surfaces. It can also reduce the amount of pollen, pet dander and other allergens in the air.

3. Optimal Moisture Levels

Humidification helps balance the moisture in the air. Dry air can cause a variety of issues, including chapped lips, cracked hands and scaly skin. During the winter, indoor heating pulls moisture out of the air, making it dry. A humidifier can add moisture back to the air and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Young babies are especially susceptible to dry air. Their mucosae are very delicate and their membranes can dry out if humidity drops below 45%rH. This can exacerbate respiratory problems and can contribute to the development of bronchiopulmonary aspergillosis (COPD).

Sterlization Humidifiers work to create thoroughly hygienic environments. This will reduce bacterial growth, which can reduce the risk of infections. It can also reduce the spread of mold spores and influenza.

Humidity can have a huge impact on the stability of certain medical devices and supplies. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for use for specific requirements for humidity, including minimum and maximum humidity levels. Some equipment may require higher humidity than is typically provided in operating rooms. Consult with your Condair medical device humidity expert for more information.

4. Easy to Clean

Like a shower or bathtub, humidifiers tend to gather gross stuff over time. Splashing a little vinegar here and there won’t cut it—you need to scrub things down with some serious elbow grease. That’s where this humidifier comes in, designed to make it super-easy to clean.

Sterlization Humidifier is designed with Micro-Electrolysis sterilization technology, converting water into -OH, [O], H + and OH- and other oxidizing sterilization ions to destroy the DNA / RNA of harmful germs and bacteria, then reduce them to neutral water molecules, leaving no chemical residue or pungent smell. The resulting sterilized air is healthy, assisting breathing, relieving nasal congestion and dry skin.

Plus, the top cover, mist chimney and heating element cover are all dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to wipe down when dirty. The Sterlization Humidifier supplier large water tank is easy to refill, and the display lights can be turned off so you can sleep peacefully at night. This humidifier runs silently so it won’t disturb you and your family, or wake your sleeping baby. This smart humidifier also doubles as an aroma diffuser, so you can add your favorite essential oil and create a calming or invigorating atmosphere.

5. Energy-Efficient

Many humidifiers, especially ultrasonic models that pulverize water into a mist with high-frequency vibration, use a lot of energy. They also tend to produce a dusty white powder that gums up the machine, and are breeding grounds for bacteria that get spewed into the air with the water vapor. This can lead to irritated nasal passages and dry skin.

The Sterlization Humidifier uses advanced micro-electrolysis technology to sterilize the water in the reservoir. This process oxidizes amino acids of bacteria and pathogens, then decomposes them to prevent their reproduction and growth. The water is then reduced to water molecules so that only sterilized hygienic moisture is discharged.

Besides UV sterilization, the Sterlization Humidifier features hot boiling to disinfect the water tank, which reduces the amount of fungal spores, bacteria and germs that are released by water droplets into the air. In addition, the system automatically carries out the sterilization process to ensure hygienic moisturizing water always exists in the reservoir. This significantly improves the IAQ and helps you to breathe in clean air without sacrificing your comfort.