Sugar Stick Packaging Machine

Sugar Stick  Packaging Machine

Sugar Stick Packaging Machine

A Sugar Stick Packaging Machine helps you pack your products in a more efficient manner. This machine ensures high accuracy levels of packaging and reduces human errors in the process.

It is used to pack free-flowing products like sugar, salt, black better, granule coffee etc. It is suitable for both small and large sachet sizes.


Depending on your business’s production needs, you may want to choose a machine that can make many sugar stick packages in a short amount of time. This is especially important if you sell a product that has a short shelf life. A Sugar Stick Packaging Machine is an electromechanical equipment that produces these packages quickly and efficiently. It can be used to package a wide variety of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food.

This machine is capable of automatically completing the process of sugar weighing, bag forming, coding (optional), filling, sealing, and cutting. It can produce both back seal and side seal bags. Its controls are easy to use and feature a touch screen for unifying multiple laser coding devices. It also has a dust recovery system to avoid material jams and improve quality.

After the vertical sealing jaws finish with their work, the packs will drop into a receptacle or onto the outfeed convey. This conveyor will then transfer the packs to a carton or case, depending on your preference. The packs will then be transferred to another conveyor or machine for additional processing, such as the cartoning or labelling. This step is vital for ensuring that the pack meets your quality standards. This is why it’s important to choose a machine that can accurately measure the quantity of each packet.


A Sugar Stick Packaging Machine is an automatic machine that packs your product into a pouch. It can work at a much faster rate than human labor and increases your production capacity. These machines are also easy to maintain. They are made from high-quality materials and ensure that your product is packaged correctly. This is essential because it prevents contamination, which may result in unfit products for consumption.

The first step in the process of using this machine involves feeding the large packaging film into its forming section. It passes over nip rollers that help to shape the film into its final form. Then the cutting section cuts the large film into smaller strips. The cut film then passes through numerous forming tubes, which fold liquid packing machine it to create the sugar stick pack shape. This process helps to seal the edges of the pack.

This machine also has a number of other features that improve the production process. For example, it can add a bar code to each package. It can also use a laser to apply graphics or text. It also has a dust recovery system that removes waste from the production area, which can reduce machine downtime. It is an ideal option for companies that need to increase production speeds. It is also GMP-compliant and has a touch screen to set parameters.


A sugar stick packing machine is an electromechanical machine that can produce multiple packages at a very fast rate. This means that the machine can increase your firm’s production capacity, which can be critical for your business. It is also highly efficient and can reduce labor costs.

It is crucial to consider the quality and safety of a sugar stick packaging machine when buying one for your business. A good machine will have a certification label and will adhere to the set of safety measures that your company needs to follow. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

The machine has several parts, including a feeding hopper and a film roll. The hopper is where the contents are introduced to the machine, while the rolling stock holds the film that is used for packaging the sticks. Once the film is fed through the nip rollers, it moves to the registration roller for date stamp positioning. The film then moves to the dancer arm, where it forms the stick packs.

The machine can form a back seal Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine bag, a 3 side seal bag, or a 4 side seal bag. It can also pack a variety of sizes, from 2 gr to 8 gr. It can also pack various types of materials, including granular free flowing products, such as sugar, salt, and coffee.


The Aypamak sp-200 model Stick Sugar Packaging Machine uses advanced technology for high efficiency. Its food contact part is made of 304 stainless steel, and it has an optional design for single line powder filling and packaging. It is also capable of transforming into a 3-line instant coffee packing machine, and can be fitted with liquid filling pumps.

The process begins when a roll of the packaging film is placed in the feeding hopper. Next, the cut film moves forward and passes over a registration roller to position the date stamp. Then, the cut film passes through numerous shaping tubes that are shaped into a shape similar to that of a stick pack. When the film peaks at the neckline of each forming tube, it is folded around the tube resulting in the stick pack shape.

After this, the film is fed through nip rollers that keep the film under tension. Then the film is cut into several strips, which are the basis of the individual sugar packs. Then, the packs are discharged into a convey or directly into a container depending on your preference.

In the food industry, a Sugar Stick Packaging Machine is useful in packaging small amounts of condiments and other products for consumption by individuals. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry also utilizes these machines to package drugs for individual use. Lastly, the cosmetic industry can also benefit from these machines by packaging various cosmetics. It is important to note that these machines come in different specifications, so it is necessary to select one with the correct specifications for your specific needs.