Super Wax Hollandais – Etsy

Super Wax Hollandais – Etsy

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SpecialstylematerialsfromVlisco.OrdersoverEUR220aresuppliedcost super wax hollandais free.WaxHollandais,Super-waxorJavatextilesdevelopedforstylelayout.DiscoverVlisco.

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whilst in Stock. Super Wax Hollandais The Super Wax Hollandais is just one of the few brand names brings you the Typical garments from Throughout the Africa. We Provide the Real dutch Super Wax, Nigerian Super Wax, Ghanaian Super Wax and Various Other African Super Wax to your Front door with in a Maximum of five days which also with Free Shipping.

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Super Wax Hollandais – Etsy Vlisco Wax Hollandais-Green/ Pink Original and Authentic Hollandais Dutch Wax Print|6 BACKYARD. ObiCollections. $200.00. Complimentary shipping. Extra colors. Anakara Super Wax. Super Sale !!!. AkuShikaCo. (611)

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The Super wax is made primarily same like Wax Hollandais fabrics. Like Waxblock, a Super Wax Hollandais style is published in liquid on the cotton. The Super Wax was dyed with a base colour like indigo blue. Same like Waxblock the Super Wax fabric has the wax breaking effect that happens during the printing process.

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Guaranteed Genuine Dutch Wax Print Vlisco Holland fabric/Wax Block/ Hollandais Wax/ Tess World Styles/ HW103. TessWorldDesigns. (13,710) $111.31. $130.95 (15% off) FREE shipping. Vlisco Embellished Super-Wax Block Prints, Surefire Genuine Dutch Wax. Printed In Holland 4-Yards.

Vlisco Wax Hollandais: a special African design wax fabric

Wax Hollandais. Vlisco Wax Hollandais is an unique wax material with a couple of core colours ‘fitted’ into the Wax Hollandais design. The layouts are always mirrored on the front and also back of the material (cotton towel). The array and also combination of colours used is incredibly different as well as highlights the unique designs of Vlisco materials.

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THE SPECIAL FEATURES OF A WAX HOLLANDAIS MATERIAL. Our superior quality cotton is an all-natural, premium textile. Soft to-the-touch and with a pleasurable weight. It is made with leading grade 100% cotton thread, rotated at a high density and after that snugly woven for a durable fabric that really feels lovely against your skin. Wax Hollandais is liked for its flexibility as well as substantial choice of styles.

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Special style fabrics from Vlisco. Orders over EUR220 are delivered cost free. Wax Hollandais, Super-wax or Java fabrics produced for haute couture. Discover Vlisco.

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