The Benefits of a Metal Credit Card

The Benefits of a Metal Credit Card

Credit card metal is becoming increasingly popular, but the pros and cons should be weighed before you make the jump. We suggest focusing on signup bonuses, earn rates, benefits and annual fees rather than what the card is made of.

It is also important to note that metal cards require industrial-grade tools for secure destruction, which may not be available at home. This is why many cards are mailed back to the card issuer for safe disposal.

1. Aesthetics

Whether you’re a metal card enthusiast or simply looking to add some panache to your credit card rotation, there are several benefits to this unique payment option. Metal cards are crafted from premium materials like stainless steel and metal alloys, making them distinct from traditional plastic credit cards in both appearance and durability. Some even feature embedded chip technology for added security and a more sophisticated design.

Historically, metal credit cards were reserved for those with exceptional spending habits and high-incomes. Today, however, many credit card issuers have developed metal options for all consumers who meet their lending criteria. These cards typically have hefty annual fees and steep minimum income requirements, but also offer unique perks such as dedicated concierge services, exclusive travel benefits and high cashback rates.

Credit cards that use a metal material can be heavier than their plastic counterparts, but they’re more durable. That said, a metal card’s weight shouldn’t be the deciding factor for those seeking a new card. Instead, it’s important to compare the perks, rewards and rates of each potential card before settling on one.

2. Utility

For the credit card shopper who is seeking a sleek and modern addition to their wallet, metal cards offer a number of benefits. These unique cards can add a Metal Card distinctive look and feel to any wallet and are often the center of attention when they are used at a merchant. They may also come with a number of premium rewards and perks that are not available with plastic cards.

The first metal credit cards to spark excitement and create a buzz in the credit card world debuted in 1999, when American Express introduced its invite-only Centurion Card—colloquially known as the Black Card—to its top spenders. This innovative and coveted card quickly became a status symbol, with its exclusive nature and prestigious perks setting the bar for luxury credit cards moving forward.

Since then, a number of other issuers have created their own metal credit cards and brought them to market. These unique credit cards are usually made of stainless steel or titanium and boast a modern design, often with a brushed finish. They also tend to come with a number of premium perks and rewards programs, although their steep annual fees can prevent some shoppers from qualifying for them.

One of the biggest benefits of a metal credit card is that it can be far more durable than its plastic counterpart. Credit cards that are used frequently can suffer from wear and tear, bending or even cracking over time. This durability gives metal cards a distinct advantage over plastic cards, with users being able to rely on them for years of use without the need for replacements due to damage.

3. Security

Credit cards are an integral part of many people’s daily lives, so security is a top priority. Metal cards are typically sturdier than their plastic counterparts, which means they are harder to physically damage or counterfeit. They also feature more advanced features like EMV chips and contactless payment technology, which help safeguard consumers’ financial information.

As a result, many credit card companies have taken additional steps to secure metal credit cards for their customers. They’ve added anti-theft features, heightened rewards program benefits, and more. While these benefits are appealing, it’s important to consider your individual needs when choosing a credit card. If you’re thinking about getting a metal card, make sure to compare the benefits and costs of each product to ensure it will fit your lifestyle.

While the metal credit card trend started decades ago with premium cards for high-spending elite customers, today more ordinary consumers have access to these unique payment solutions. But just because they’re made of metal doesn’t mean they are more secure than their plastic counterparts. In fact, it’s not uncommon for metal credit cards to set off metal detectors at airport security. And their hefty weight can be an issue for people who prefer lighter wallets or have specific portability requirements. If you find yourself with an expired metal credit card, contact your issuer for instructions on how to return it for safe disposal. Many card issuers will provide a prepaid envelope or ask you to bring your card into a branch, where they can destroy it onsite.

4. Customization

You can get a metal card with your logo and the information you want to display. These cards are highly durable and look amazing. They can be used as business cards or gift cards. You can choose from gold, black or any other color to suit your preferences. You can also choose to have your card embossed or debossed to make it stand out from the rest. The process of making a custom metal business card takes a little time, but it is worth the wait.

The credit card metal trend first took off more than two decades ago with a handful of premium cards targeted at big spenders. Today, a slew of card issuers have added metal options to their lineups for customers looking to add a bit of heft to their wallets. Some of these cards are pure metal, while others are plastic-metal hybrids.

Regardless of the material, these cards still carry all of the same benefits and features as their plastic counterparts. They are EMV-certified for contactless payments and feature advanced security technologies like microchips to protect against fraud nxp mifare desfire and identity theft. Some metal cards even come with perks such as lounge access and hotel credits. They are a great way to show your clients that you value them and can provide a premium experience.