Types of Arcade Game Joysticks

Types of Arcade Game Joysticks

Arcade game joystick

There are a few different types of arcade game joysticks. These are all made by different companies. You can find one with four or eight ways to control the action. If you’re looking for an eight-way joystick, you should consider the Mag-Stik Plus, which is made by Ultimarc, a company that makes many different arcade controls. Most joysticks can only be switched from four to eight ways from the control panel, but the Mag-Stik Plus can be changed simply by lifting the stick and twisting it 45 degrees. It also has a short throw distance.


The Sanwa arcade game joystick is one of the most popular arcade game joysticks. It is known for its short travel, light spring pressure, and quick input. It has become the number one selling joystick in Japan. The Sanwa Denshi Co. also produces joysticks for Nintendo and Sega.

The Joystick features a metal frame and is made from quality Sanwa parts. It also features eight front buttons and a stick. The Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick is compatible with most Sanwa, Seimitsu, and Mad Catz balltops. The joystick comes with a mounting plate pre-assembled by Sanwa Denshi.

The Sanwa JLF-YP-8Y is one of the most popular arcade game joysticks in Japan. It is a great choice for people who want to replicate the arcade experience at home. This joystick is also suitable for home consoles. This joystick has an integrated PCB with header pins.

The buttons on the Sanwa arcade game joystick are very sensitive. Most Sanwas are sensitive enough to be activated with the rest of your fingers. In contrast, the buttons on the Seimitsu joysticks require more force. The Sanwa joystick is the best option if you are looking for a more sensitive arcade game joystick.

You can buy a Sanwa arcade game joystick for your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. The joysticks are easy to use and have a great feel. The controls are ergonomically arranged, and the buttons have a unique shape for fighting games. The Qanba Pearl is the most expensive option and comes with the Sanwa joystick and buttons. The buttons are slightly curved, which should result in fewer mispresses. The Qanba Pearl works with PS4, Xbox One, PC, and other consoles.

The Sanwa arcade game joystick is made in Japan and can be purchased from several places. The most common names are Seimitsu and Sanwa. Both companies produce arcade game buttons and joysticks. The Sanwa joysticks are square and offer mild resistance. Seimitsu joysticks are circular and have a rubber grommet. These joysticks are generally looser than the Happ sticks and have more play.

Taeyoung Fanta

Unlike arcade game joysticks, Korean sticks are made with bat tops. This means that they don’t have customizable gates, and their 5-pin connector is circular rather than rectangular. However, this doesn’t interfere with the game play. This makes them a good choice for gamers who want a traditional joystick.

The main difference between Taeyoung Fanta and Sanwa joysticks lies in their design. The Sanwa stick, for instance, is a ball that rests on a square “frame.” This square frame helps the player find diagonals easier. The Taeyoung Fanta stick, on the other hand, is pear-shaped, which gives it more freedom to move. It can even make quarter circles.

In terms of price, Taeyoung Fanta is considered to be the best of the three options. While the original Taeyoung Fanta has a lot of features that Arcade game joystick make it the best joystick for your money, there have also been some modifications created for it over the years. The Myounhshin Fanta, which is compatible with Taeyoung Fanta, is another option. These are available as add-ons.

The Japanese version of the Taeyoung Fanta is also quite good, as is the French model. In fact, the Japanese model offers a slightly different experience than the Korean version. The Sanwa stick, meanwhile, has unique buttons, and it is possible to customize it to match your preferences. This is a good idea for people new to arcade games.

The JLF joysticks have a slightly smaller handle than the LS-32 joystick. This difference makes it sit a bit lower than the other Japanese sticks. Some arcades support direct mounting of the joystick, which raises the height of the joystick.

A few brands have developed their own parts. Some of them are more affordable than others. FGC, for example, has a famous reputation for producing cheap arcade sticks. Hori, on the other hand, is a brand that developed its own joysticks. They also offer cheap arcade sticks.


The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is a joystick designed for PC and Switch that pays homage to classic arcade games. With an elegant design, it’s a perfect fit for a classic gamer. It features a swivel mechanism and a textured grip that allows the player to easily adjust the angle and speed of the stick.

The 8BitDo arcade game joystick’s square gate means that it will fit most joysticks. It also features a switchable 4-way and eight-way operation, which can be useful for games like Pac-Man. The buttons on the 8BitDo stick feel like real arcade components, and have a satisfying tactile response.

The 8BitDo arcade game joystick is lightweight and wireless, and features a long battery life. You can use it for over 30 hours without charging, and its ultimate software lets you customize the buttons and assign them to the appropriate sequences. The joystick is also designed for modders, so it’s easy to add new functions.

8BitDo has made a name for itself by bucking the ‘truth’ that third-party controllers are low quality. Its controllers initially started out as updated clones of classic Nintendo controllers, but have since improved to become excellent in their own right. The Arcade Stick, in particular, takes cues from the NES era, while maintaining a minimalist design that’s similar to that of Teenage Engineering products.

While the 8Bitdo Arcade Stick lacks true ultra-moddability, the price is reasonable considering all the features that come with it. If you’re looking for a stick for fighting games, this is the ideal choice for you. Although it isn’t the most versatile stick in the world, it’s a great value and an affordable option for people with limited budgets.


When buying a Mixbox arcade game joystick, be sure to get a universal edition that works with all major platforms. It also comes with physical Sanwa buttons, which feel more like an actual fightstick than a joystick. This way, you’ll be able to press the buttons faster and with more precision than with a traditional joystick.

It’s worth noting that the Mixbox has eight Sanwa Denshi buttons, which make them easy to press. It’s also universal-compatible with the PS3, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and PC. It can also be used with a Nintendo Switch or a Wii U.

The Mixbox controller is similar in shape to a traditional fightstick and comes with a metal case. It features eight OBSF-30 Sanwa buttons, which are solid and highly responsive. It also has four WASD keys, which are made with Cherry MX mechanical key switches. These are great for gaming, and the slanted front panel makes it comfortable to hold.

The Mixbox Universal Edition is one of the best options for fighting games. It replaces the joystick with more buttons, and complements the lever input with mechanical keyboard keys. Its compact size and tight spacing of the four directional buttons makes it a good choice for fighting games with a WASD layout.