Motorola Radio Distributors

motorola radio distributors

Motorola Radio Distributors

Motorola’s radio communications products help keep teams connected and on task. From large government fields to small tow truck companies, the company’s two-way radio solutions can help anyone who needs instant communication.

Motorola is number one for most of the time that two-way radio has been around because of their product innovation and ruthless marketing tactics. These include planned obsolescence policies to keep customers trapped with their equipment.


Motorola Solutions provides a full portfolio of radios and accessories that are rigorously tested to ensure reliable connectivity for critical communications. From single position console configurations to multi-position, high-end motorola radio distributors systems, Motorola offers a complete dispatch communications solution that can be expanded with the addition of mobile clients or system applications.

When lives are on the line or business continuity is jeopardized, it’s important to have the right tools in place. Motorola’s dispatch communications solutions offer the reliability and functionality that you need, even in demanding conditions.

From the moment your staff begins working, Motorola business two-way radios connect them with each other and the customer. With no recurring fees, advanced safety features, GPS tracking and more, they’re the best choice for keeping teams connected in any business.


Motorola offers a wide range of two-way radios to meet the needs of any business. Whether your business requires a handheld radio, mobile device or repeater, we can help you find the right solution. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have about the best radio for your business or the benefits of a Motorola solution.

APX P25 Motorola radios are designed for the public safety industry and offer unmatched reliability in stressful working conditions. With their superior voice quality, long lasting batteries and built-in IMPRES smart technology, they ensure consistent communication with colleagues even in high noise environments.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios provide the reliability and clarity that first responders need in emergency situations. With features like IP Site Connect, users can stay connected to online networks that enable communications across cities and countries, even if they’re using different types of radios. Additionally, MOTOTRBO radios can switch seamlessly between analog and digital networks with a software upgrade. This provides flexibility for organizations to ease their transition to digital as they see fit.

Noise Reduction

Motorola’s noise reduction technology offers a variety of ways to keep communications clear. From windporting microphones to noise cancelling technologies, this helps ensure your messages are heard loud and clear. This is especially important in environments like on a construction site, where the clarity of your communication can be crucial to safety and efficiency.

Digital on-site communication helps your teams connect easily and solve problems quickly – improving operational efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Motorola Solutions’ business-ready smart radios deliver industry-leading voice, broadband data and multimedia capabilities — with renowned push-to-talk performance and access to a unified software ecosystem on the Android platform.

Designed to work as hard as your team, our radios and accessories are tested to a high standard so you can stay focused on the job. From a free network consultation to a full radio repair and upgrade, our maintenance agreements provide prioritized service with quick turnaround times. They also help reduce inventory management costs and streamline equipment, materials and tools, resulting in more efficient asset utilization and cost-effective operations. Motorola Original audio accessories offer enhanced protection and durability to meet the demands of your workforce. They are built with materials like Kevlar and undergo Motorola’s rigorous Accelerated Life Test to withstand damage from drops, shocks and extreme temperatures.

Battery Life

Motorola offers some of the longest-lasting two way radio batteries on the market. They have been tested to ensure the best performance and durability. These durable long-lasting batteries are an essential part of any Motorola walkie talkie. If your battery isn’t working as efficiently as it should, you probably need a replacement. Waveband Communications sells a wide selection of Motorola, Harris, Vertex and Kenwood radio batteries to help you get the most out of your device.

Using proper maintenance and charging practices will also help to maximize the life of your Motorola two way radio batteries. It is recommended to regularly clean the contacts on your batteries and charger. It is also important to properly discharge used and stored batteries before recharging.

Unlike other batteries, which are better off being charged after they’ve been completely drained, Motorola lithium-ion batteries can be topped off at any time without having a negative impact on their lifecycle. This feature means that your radio will have a consistent charge so you can always be prepared for emergencies.


Motorola offers a full suite of accessories that optimize the performance of your radio system. From discreet Bluetooth earpieces to efficient battery solutions, these solutions help you work smarter and safer.

Whether your team is in the field or in the office, Motorola two-way radios deliver crystal clear communication. These radios are engineered to handle the toughest environments and deliver superior range and clarity.

With the BPR 40, you can outfit your entire team with motorola dp2400e instant communication that drives better results – faster responses, improved customer service and increased safety. It’s the perfect solution for schools, retail operations, hospitality and entertainment facilities, and light construction businesses.

A powerful combination of exceptional audio quality and business smarts, the RM Series delivers the productivity and safety benefits you expect from Motorola two-way radios. Its simple and affordable push-to-talk communications, on the nationwide Motorola WAVE network, let you focus on your business. And with one bundled solution that includes the radio, cellular service and software, you can save money and simplify management.