Motorola Two Way Radio Distributor

motorola two way radio distribut

Motorola Two Way Radio Distributor

Motorola Solutions invented the handheld two way radio. They offer a huge selection of digital and analog Motorola solutions radios for restaurants, retail stores, medical offices, hospitals and more.

Motorola received feedback from customers who wanted something easier to use than a smartphone, something with a single push to talk button, and something durable. They designed the TLK 100 to meet these needs.


The Motorola CP200D is one of the most popular radios for motorola two way radio distribut businesses. It offers the power of instant push-to-talk team communications over a nationwide LTE cellular network, all in one convenient bundled solution. It provides everything that businesses love about two-way radio — without monthly fees and restraining contracts.

With its simple user interface, CP200d is easy to use and makes communication between staff members quick and effortless. Its superior audio clarity lets you hear your team clearly in even the noisiest environments. And its transmit interrupt feature gives you the ability to override another CP200d user’s transmission so important messages get delivered when and where they are needed.

This rugged radio is built to last. It’s rated IP54 (splashproof, dustproof), and has passed Motorola’s rigorous Accelerated Life Test to ensure it can stand up to the demands of your business. And you’ll be able to operate up to 40% longer on the same battery as analog radios, thanks to dual-capacity direct mode.

The CP200D is a MOTOTRBO(tm) radio, which means it’s compatible with the newest technology from Motorola Solutions. It’s also compatible with a variety of ancillary devices, including paging and alarm systems. And, it supports a robust feature set including WAVE OnCloud, which allows your teams to stay connected and informed, even when they’re out of range.


The TLK100 radio is a great choice for businesses looking for the advanced functionality of 4G LTE and cellular push-to-talk communications. It works on Motorola’s Wave On Cloud Nationwide Cellular Network that provides instant communication between all devices, networks and carriers. It allows for private, group and all call features and more. The TLK100 is built for business with a battery life up to 18 hours and the option of an in-vehicle radio kit for safe mobile connections without a distracting screen.

Tested under MIL-STD-810G, this durable radio is resistant to shock, dust and extreme temperatures. It also includes a streamlined design and supports one-handed operation to maximize productivity. The TLK100 is equipped with a microphone, speaker, a USB port and Bluetooth capabilities. It is a great option for industries like construction, transportation and energy.

This is the perfect radio for your business if you need to stay connected to your team instantly while working in harsh environments. It offers a single push-to-talk button to connect and does not require an unlock code. It can be paired with dispatcher software and provides GPS location tracking to keep teams in sync with each other. It can also be used to receive emergency weather and civil alerts so you will be aware of dangers before they arrive. This is an excellent alternative to using a smart phone for work.


Motorola’s CP200 radios are popular among public safety personnel, contractors, and other workers in the field. These portable two-way radios are designed to enable quick and discreet communication. These motorola dm1600 devices are easy to use and have long battery life, allowing them to be used for extended periods of time. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different models to find the right one for your operations.

The CP200D is the successor to the CP200 radio. It offers excellent audio quality and outstanding coverage, as well as the ability to upgrade to digital with a simple software upgrade from a certified Motorola Channel Partner. It also features rugged durability and is a great choice for work sites with harsh environments.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Motorola Talkabout T9680RSAME is a rechargeable emergency weather radio that combines the power of two-way communication with hazard alerts. The device uses Specific Area Message Encoding technology to filter out useless distant weather broadcasts and focus on local emergency alerts. It displays a three letter code for the type of warning and plays a voice message when an alert is received.

Motorola has many products to help you stay connected, from their MOTOTRBO two-way radios and repeaters to their TALKABOUT handheld walkie-talkies. They are a leading provider of critical communication equipment, including 3M Peltor headsets and Waveband two-way radio accessories. They also offer a variety of Kenwood NEXEDGE radios for businesses that require high-quality and reliable communication solutions.


Streamline the flow of communication to keep operations running smoothly with Motorola radios that combine intuitive design with powerful push-to-talk functionality. Whether you’re transporting cargo, or helping someone find their car in the parking lot, it’s important to be able to connect quickly and communicate clearly.

With a range of models, you can choose the handheld radio that works best for your team. This CM200D digital radio is available in either UHF or VHF and is 25 watts, which provides good performance indoors where signal strength can be reduced. UHF signals can also penetrate wood, steel and concrete better than VHF signals, making it ideal for urban environments or around many buildings.

The CM Series analog/digital mobiles offer a smooth upgrade path to digital and are compatible with MOTOTRBO business-essential features like transmit-interrupt to prioritize mission critical communication. The CM200D is a great option for any business looking to improve efficiency with simple, reliable, and affordable voice communications.

Unlike smartphones and other devices, Motorola radios are built to endure the rugged, dirty, dusty environments your field teams work in every day. A CM200D mobile radio from Motorola Solutions enables you to connect instantly with your entire workforce, whether they’re in the office or out on the job site. Powered by WAVE OnCloud, this radio is easy to use and delivers extended push-to-talk communications coverage across multiple carriers.