Double Sided Lightbox Advertising

double sided lightbox

Double Sided Lightbox Advertising

Lightboxes are versatile displays that allow businesses to showcase graphics and messages on both sides. They are also highly durable and long-lasting, making them a reliable advertising solution.

Backlit light boxes use fabric printed with illuminated images and sewn into an aluminum frame. The fabrics diffuse light evenly to avoid hot spots and maintain vibrancy.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Lightboxes are one of the most eye-catching forms of signage and can help to instantly attract attention. They are very bright and backlit, making them easy to see from a distance. They can also be double-sided which helps to ensure that they catch the eyes of passers-by from all angles, maximising visibility and brand exposure.

Illuminated signage is particularly effective at night, when it can draw in attention from a much wider audience than during the day. This makes them the ideal choice for shops, supermarkets and other retail situations.

When coupled with stunning graphics, illuminated displays can create a captivating visual experience that captures the attention of visitors and leads to increased brand recognition. In addition, these displays are a double sided lightbox highly effective way of communicating important information about products or services to customers, helping to improve customer engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Using LED illumination means that these displays use significantly less power than traditional lighting solutions, which is not only cost-effective but reduces the environmental impact of your business too. Each illuminated lightbox is provided with a silkscreen acrylic LGP (light guide plattern) that distributes the LED lights evenly across the printed graphics, eliminating hot or cold spots and ensuring the best possible image clarity.

Each LED lightbox is delivered in a portable and toolless transport case, making it easy for 2 people to assemble and dismantle within minutes. The cases have durable black expanded polystyrene liners that protect and cushion the aluminium framework and components.

Increase Customer Engagement

When it comes to attracting customers, illuminated signage is a surefire way to increase engagement. Lightboxes, which incorporate backlit graphics lit by LEDs in a custom frame or extrusion, offer an engaging alternative to traditional signage that relies on natural or overhead lighting to highlight imagery and messaging. By highlighting a message or branding in a highly visible area, illuminated signs help to differentiate businesses from competitors and drive traffic into stores.

With the ability to be double sided, LED light boxes maximise visibility and engagement. Illuminated signage can be used in a variety of environments, from retail, malls and trade shows to office buildings, nightclubs and hotels.

Double-sided lights showcase messaging from different angles, ensuring that even viewers passing by on foot cannot ignore your brand or message. For added impact, display a combination of product images with text that highlights key features and benefits to draw in shoppers. Alternatively, you could use your lightboxes to promote upcoming promotions or other services that complement the products displayed on your storefront.

These versatile illuminated displays are ideal for showcasing backlit graphics in store windows, or as free-standing promotional pieces. The SEG (sewn-edge) dye-sub backlit fabric graphics are easy to install by simply pushing the silicone edge into the frame’s recessed grooves, with no need for tools. This allows for quick and simple graphic changes, which is perfect for retailers who want to change messaging to cater to specific audiences or events.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solutions

Double-sided light boxes are an excellent way to attract attention in high traffic areas. They are highly visible and are effective even after business hours, as people will continue to pass by them. The illuminated signage is eye-catching and attracts attention from pedestrians, increasing brand awareness and helping to drive sales.

In addition to being an effective marketing tool, double-sided lightboxes are also cost-effective. The backlighting in these displays uses energy-efficient LED lights, which can help businesses save on electricity costs in the long run. This is especially useful for businesses that exhibit frequently at trade shows or other events.

These backlit signs are easy to install, and they are a great option for showcasing graphics in a range of environments. They can be wall mounted, or they can be free-standing to act as an advertising display in a window, foyer, reception area, or above counters. They can also be customised to align with a brand’s identity, making them an ideal choice for promoting a specific campaign or product.

The heightened visibility of backlit signs means that businesses can communicate with customers as they shop or navigate through the store. They can highlight a particular product or service, Double-Sided Lightbox Manufacturer provide discounts and promotions, or simply show content from their digital spaces, which will engage visitors even if they don’t enter the store.


In today’s highly saturated and cluttered retail environments, branded displays have to make a bold impact to capture the attention of customers. Lightboxes deliver this impact by utilizing the fact that our eyes are naturally drawn to colourful illuminated graphics. They offer tremendous scope for customisation in terms of the graphics used, lighting technologies, installation method and enhancements. They can be wall-mounted, free-standing, suspended or single-sided or double-sided.

Aside from their brilliant appearance, SEG fabric lightboxes are incredibly durable and offer great flexibility for visual merchandising teams and designers. They come in different depths, allowing them to mount horizontally or vertically. They also allow for easy graphic change without the need for tools. The fabric used for these frames is specifically formulated to absorb and diffuse light, which ensures that your graphics will be vibrant and clear.

For more permanent applications, plexiglass panels can be used in place of the fabric. For example, the National Veterans Research Center & Exhibit at Syracuse University used a combination of printed graphics and plexiglass to showcase their timeline moments.

Another popular use for these lightboxes is upselling, which is the process of converting new customer intent into authenticated users. For instance, a website visitor that is trying to checkout may be presented with a popup asking them to log in or create an account. These lightboxes are a great way to increase conversions and revenue for digital businesses.